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  1. Crates

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    I'm trying to figure out how much vacation I should have. I started working at UPS in August 14' and was given 20 hours vacation the following year but I couldn't use it until after I hit my 1 year in August 15'. This year I just hit my 2 years but was still only given 20 hours. I'm just not understanding why I was given the option to use the vacation after August last year but I wouldn't qualify for the 2nd week of vacation under the same circumstances again this year. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. Wally

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    Two weeks.

    Do you get a option week?
  3. Crates

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    Aight thanks. That's what I thought. No option week, I'm under the Southern supplement so I think after the third year I should get a full option week. Until then I think I just get the 1 day at the beginning of the year.
  4. saintrick

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    You get one week this year.
    If you do not have 156 reports your first year you have a Jan 1 date of the next year for calculating vacation. So on Jan 1 of 2017 you will have two weeks to take in 2017.
    You will get your option week after three full calendar years (it used to be one) so you will pick that up in 2018.
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  5. clean hairy

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    2 years, 2 week (just looked on page 237 of the supplement)
    as long you worked 156 days the previous year.
  6. Crates

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    Not sure I get that. I've never had an attendance issue so the days worked aren't a problem, it's just the dates I'm a little confused on. The first year I worked was from August 14' - August 15', so there is no way I could've had 156 reports from August 14' to Jan 15' but they gave me a full week of vacation in October 15'. But you're saying this time, even though I hit my 2 years in August 16' that I won't get my 2nd week until the following year--2017. That seems opposite of what they did before, no?