Paid Fairly for this type of work.

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    Strongly Disagree.

    Now, over the past year or so, I've seen the paper hangers at work post company bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: asking us to consider our benefits, 401k matching, ect when answering this question.

    I'm still not buying it, and here's why. After almost 15 years on the job, I'm still not top of range yet. Not even close. And that's with never having anything lower than a 6.1 on my review. As of right now, in my current station, I'm making about 3.40 less than those at max pay. Now, I understand that they've raised the top of range rate for those employees that were maxed out (Which is completely fair, and they deserve more, imo) When I started back in the 90's, it was around 12.15 and hour. It's taken me over 10 years to earn about $8 more. Not bad I suppose, without all things consider. Of course, new hires (or when there were new hires, in the last 2 years) now start around $15-$16. This is where my heart rate explodes. After 15 years, I'm only making about 5 more an hour than the guys walking through the door.

    A few years back, in a skip level meeting with our Senior Manager, I and a few others brought this to his attention. His response, and I quote, was "I don't understand why you'd want to be maxed out, then you'd never have the opportunity to make more money." We sat stunned. It was like saying "Why would you want to live in a Mansion, then you'd never be able to buy a bigger house."

    New poster, posting one of my biggest gripes with this company at this moment, looking for a little feedback and perspective. Thanks :wink2:
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    Most of us here feel the same way. Hopefully they'll come up with some real changes next March. If they do make Express a strictly overnight service then any raises will probably be offset by less hours. In that case those that get topped out by new plan won't be any worse off, if they top us out. Those that have been topped out for awhile will get hit harder unless FedEx substantially raises top out. Not likely. Worst case to me is if they only bump me up a dollar or two then drop me to 35 hrs a week after moving P2 to Ground. All speculation at this point. They said in memo they'd give details on pay changes soon so guess it's hurry up and wait. Welcome aboard!
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    You know, a couple of years ago I heard one of our OPS managers telling a midrange courier the same exact words.

    Managers are "programmed" by Memphis and the district offices with these canned replies.

    It's pretty worthless these days to ask the managers much of anything.
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    Get used to it, wicked.
    I've been on board for 5 yrs. with a perfect 7 review every year and I'm making $.90 an hr. more than the part-timers we just hired.
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    And you stuck with it and aren't getting rewarded. Many newhires don't last and yet they keep raising starting pay instead of demonstrating to new people that the job will pay off if you hang in there.
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    I'm a dope.
    I used to make double what I'm making now in a totally different field but, was burned-out. I love driving around and handing people what they really want but, the novelty wore off a little while ago once I realized that I had to jack-up my personal life; due to my non-senority-ness.
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    I'm in the same boat, almost 15 years in and there are new hires (5 years or less to me..) that make more than I do, sometimes by more than a dollar. I can attribute most of that to starting at a ramp, then staying at that ramp for too long..but still, kind of makes me wonder.

    Welcome aboard, van and I are always glad to see another Lone Star Stater!
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    its even worse on the ground/ home delivery side... at least you get paid sick/vacation/ and maybe OT???
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    My senior manger said the same thing only a few months ago. He said that you don't want to be topped out! I'm like what? He said it gives you something to look forward to.......A huge problem i'm having with this place is how, at my station anyway, some of the "veterans" of FEDEX don't do a damn thing and aren't expected too. I spend 4 to 4 1/2 hours in small city then head out of town the rest of the day. Example- yesterday I drove 195 miles, had 70 deliveries , 6 pups, and worked a total of 9hrs 20 mins... another courier drove 176 miles, had 44 deliveries, 4 pups, and worked a total of 9hrs 40 mins....... this is total BS he makes 6 - $7 more an hour than I do....this crap really pisses me off....there is no incentive to work hard here. "doing the right thing" can only go on for so long


    Then you'd hate I get 8 hrs and 5 mins, average drive is 250 miles, 3-6 stops, then do a bulk pickup at a customer location scanning boxes into a trailer. Now, I highly doubt that I make $6-$7 more than you make, but I earn my money..holy crap, I said that out loud with a straight face!
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    You got it!!
    I figure that the 20 yr. + dudes have it figured out. Just take it easy all day, every day and if something changes, ask for a check ride and make sure it looks like you can only do your [low] SPH.
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    Really? you only do 3-6 stops? How long does the pickup take? Don't over do it.


    Yes sir, I run an extended FO route and the pickup is an all day ordeal. I get there after a handler, who is the "lead" (person tasked with more responsibility and no extra pay for it) has already started, we scan the boxes, the customer provides the stacking labor. It is truly the proverbial "cake walk", some days its humpin' and bumpin', most it's sitting in front of a fan trying not to fall asleep.