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  1. code5

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    Just wondering how many paid sendagains you are allowed in a day? Is it standardized or simply an average of the whole delivered in a center? I work in a very small center in Canada and when they start talking averages and efficiencies we get screwed cause of our smaller numbers. We can have no more than 3 a day without having to call the supervisor and pretty much get harassed. Its all about redirecting and/or reattempting them.

    They say it costs UPS approx. 5 dollars to deliver a paid sendagain the following day. I say thats bull - that figure sounds like it came from some computer geek that lives in the cyberspace, theoretical world to me.

    If i have a paid sendagain and I deliver it the following day and have a package again for that adress in costs diddly squat! Chances are i'm within a block of that adress the following day and would take less time to deliver it then trying to redirect it to neighbors that is terrible customer service as well as a potential claim. It also creates bad driver releases that a driver might not do without these limitations.

    I always do my best to put customer service about the UPS reports so I do try to do good driver releases then at the end of the day do the "Call of Shame", but I have co-workers that find it very belittling and go all out cutting any corner to get rid of that package, which isn't right.

    Feedback please, how many paid sendagains are allowed in a day??
  2. GolfCart

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    120-130 stops a day , they say 2 , I laugh . If they want to pay me Over time to go back again at night , thats ok with me .
  3. Southwestern

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    They don't question our send-agains here. If a driver has an unusually high number, I would expect that they'd check GPS records to ensure a delivery attempt was made. They say each send again costs the company $10.
  4. UPSGUY72

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    In most case your going to the same stop again the next day anyways it isn't costing the company $10. they would rather see send again than more claims.
  5. Johney

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    I always heard that they make money on the first attempt,break even on the second & lose money on the third.No proof just something a customer rep told me years ago.
  6. GolfCart

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    In my hub my boss said " DR it ! We are NOT a storage company "
  7. Southwestern

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    My building serves an area in which DR is not an option, although some flexibility is tolerated during peak.
  8. UPSGUY72

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    We have had a driver that use to follow that method. He got so many claims that they made his entire route signature only.
  9. barnyard

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    Every boss I have had told me the same thing.
  10. code5

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    Sorry, but your boss has a bad attitude then. He sounds like he is part of an old boys club "This is the way we do it because this is the way its always been done weather it works or not!" We are a storage company if we claim to make 3 attempts per package.
  11. UPSGUY72

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    There are routes in my building that brings back 20 to 30 packages a day because of the area is a no DR area. There is one route at college that you have to deliver to each dorm and room that can bring back 60 or more each day.
  12. code5

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    If that were really true, they would have illiminated the 2nd and 3rd attempt years ago.
  13. GolfCart

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    yes , no one liked him . I do try my best to get rid of all my boxes , because most of my route are my friends . They just call me on my cell , and come meet me later in day .
  14. bumped

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    It all depends on the route. I used to have a route where I'd have less than 5 a week. Now, I have more than 10 a day.
  15. DS

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    We have ADL now in Toronto,one delivery attempt and off to the UPS store it goes.
    This does not include cod's,or that screen that asks for ID no left at no DR.
    My sup said customers like it overall,I really doubt that.
    I phones,I pads,eye yi eye yi eye.
    We are allowed 4 send agains,
    trying to redirect it to neighbors

    I have found that this is an ideal way to get rid of those stops
    9 times out of 10,they will take it.
    I hate doing it to our customers,but,I will if I have to.
    I stopped driver releasing too,if I can get a signature,I plan way better.
  16. Southwestern

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    Our no-DR routes average probably 110-130 stops tops: a handful of businesses and lots of very rough residential neighborhoods. A couple of drivers have been robbed over the years. Believe it or not, these are VERY popular routes. Less work, fewer hours and good bonus compared to the others...
  17. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    The way things are now, I've thought the same thing.
  18. menotyou

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    I remember one of those cheesy movies or maybe it was something else, but I could have swore the same thing. The 3rd attempt is a money loser. I think that's why they are doing that one attempt and out it goes to the UPS store thing that DS is talking about.
  19. CharleyHustle

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    Send agains are all about route elimination. If you have 50 routes and each has 5 send agains that will generate a stop the following day that is 250 stops. If you can cut that number in half you will only have 49 routes. They are also searching for stops that are closed on specific days of the week, especially Fridays, so those stops can be taken out of EDD and another stop can take its place, which will over the long haul lead to routes being cut.
  20. Packmule

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    I've been frustrated by stops like campgrounds, cabins, and church camps that are closed in winter, but the owners live there. The presence of a sign says commercial, no DR. However, the "closed for season" sign, tells public to stay out, while the drop boxes and private entrances around back make for--what common sense calls--a doable residential stop. I've gotten some of these places to sign notes, others are just not wanting to be bothered with the hassel, so I asked my sup about them. He told me to sign the board with the business's name and release it. That way I'm not forging any names and the company won't hang me out to dry if a claim ever comes out of it.
    Anyone else do that?