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  1. Zeus70

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    Several weeks ago our center manager tells us that (contractually) we can only take a 20 minute break in the morning and a 40 minute lunch. Or we can take an hour lunch. We cant take say a 5 minute break and a 55 minute lunch. Thats fine. Now he says that we have to take a break when we use the restroom. We have to take this time out of our lunch break. I am going to file a grievence against him. Ive called the union hall and talk to our local union steward. He says file the grievence. I think it would fall under Article 17 Paid for Time. Is this right ?:confused:1
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    We were told several months ago that we must clock out to pee also. Even McDonald's workers don't have to clock out to take a leak!
  3. Zeus70

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    Is this right though.
  4. DS

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    Hey man are you new?
    Why start a big hassle over this.
    If you have to visit the washroom,do it where you are delivering,
    and stop complete it after you wash your hands.This sup is trying
    to suck time out of you to make himself look good.Dont worry
    he wont last long before they move him to New Mexico,or Iowa.
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    Take your break for sure...Breaks are paid time...Lunch is't paid time.
    Ask your center manager what to do if you gotta pee and you already used up your break and your lunch. I guess you have to pee your pants, and it's not your problem if customers complain about you dripping on their carpet.:lol:
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    Pee during the pcm. I'd only worry about it if you see an ie guy in the public men's room on your route. If it's an on road sup following you, he's only in the bathroom to try to walk on water!
  7. Zeus70

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    I'm not new I've been full time for over 6 years, and have worked for UPS since 1994. PAS come to our center and now we are getting nickle and dimed all the time, I'm getting sick of this and so our other drivers.
  8. 705red

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    Zeus its good to see someone stand up for what they believe in and the other drivers will thank you down the road. I suggest if you can have your union stward file a union file grievance or a collective grievance for all the drivers in the building that way the heat wont come down on just you, but if you do and you feel heat let the union know about it and it will stop. I would file it under 17 paid for time and 37 management employee relations. the company will push this as far as they can because some drivers will put restroom stops down as a break. If they continue to push the envelope ask them why do they push us to drink fluids while we are working but bathroom time is our problem, bs. Goodluck to you and you have the name of a leader ZEUS.
  9. ndpph

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    Effective July 9th (UPS) can no longer subtract your break (40 minute lunch) from delivery drivers. So that is why they are so critical of the amount of time take to use the rest room,talking on the phone. This is a good thing for they drivers because no longer should you see anybody sitting around their facilities at 5:30 6:00 o'clock waiting to finish their break... Basically if you take your 40 minute break they will subtract it from you but if you dont they wont take 40 from you.... Thousands of drivers are unaware of this because management was informed several months ago that this would be happen.... Their are drivers catching on that they can now skip their break and get back to the center and punch out. With out losing that time that has always been subtracted....

    UPS mangement trying to strong arm drivers into thinking that they have to still take their hour break.... Because of a law suit that was filed on the East coast by a service provider alleging he is not given ample time to take a break... So UPS has quit subtracting the break and is forcing drivers to take it to prove that drivers are taking their break....

    Confusing yes! But this just started July 9th. Try skipping your break and look at your time the next day... They will try and tell you or itimidate you that you have to but, they can't give you any discipline if you puch out with out taking it.
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    The other day I had a safety ride. It was actually a visiting center manager that went along with me. Throughout the day he had to stop at least 6 time to use the can. There was NO WAY I was going to use MY break time so he can relive himself! If I didn't have to use my time in that circumstance, I'm certainly not going to use it when I need to go.
  11. govols019

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    According to my contract failure to take your lunch can be cause for disciplinary action.