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    Anybody have anything to say about this?
    Santa Rosa Press Democrat // News for California's North Bay and Redwood Empire
    I get a few tickets a month where i work and i thought that was a big deal.
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    People think it's our pay rate that cause higher prices on shipping packages. There are so many other factors that come into account of the price of shipping, like these stupid parking tickets. How many driver salaries could have been paid with the cost of that $18 million a year in parking fines in just one city? I've even seen people on here talk about our pay rate causing competitiveness with Fed-Ex pricing.

    Other things are technology, people want to track their packages and know where it is at all times. They also want it delivered yesterday at ground rate. This does not come for free and the consumer is going to pay the cost of it.

    I personally don't think we are paid that much. It's not bad money, but could be better. Managers get free stock and such bonus incentives that makes our pay look silly. Bottom line is, the cost of shipping is pretty cheap when all things are factored in that people don't think about.
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    It's a cost of doing business in a large city.

    I remember once we sued NYC (I think), because their parking officers were caught sitting in a cafe ALL DAY. They were still writing us tickets tho, because they knew the trucks parked in the same spot at the same time every day!
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    Downtown Denver is just as bad with giving parking tickets to UPS, FedEx and DHL. I was driving by a FedEx driver getting a ticket and he looked like he was trying to explain that he had no where to park. A few days later The Denver Post had an article about the tickets and how UPS and the others have an account they pay monthly. I once received a parking ticket for parking in front of my own home (actually my whole neighborhood was hit that day).

    I found out we have a law that prohibits anyone from parking within 5 feet of a driveway (private or public); and I was only 4 feet away. I went to the library to find the law but they didn’t have the book (guess it was stolen). I tried to find the laws online at the city webpage and it was not there. I went to the court to fight it and had to pay 6 bucks to park downtown but I got my $20 ticket dropped to $5. I asked the judge why they would not let the public have access to the laws and he told me they are out there and it is not the cities job to make sure we have access. The next time the election comes around I know who to vote out of office. On the way home from court I saw the parking enforcer was still giving tickets in my neighborhood.

    If they don’t get you on parking tickets here they will get you for going 5 over the speed limit. This is what happens when the voters turned down a bond issue for the city. The city always gets their money. When the volunteers call and ask me for money for the police etc I tell tem I already gave and I don’t want them putting more ticket givers on the roads!:tongue_sm
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    How about negotiating a set monthly price that delivery co's would pay to park in a no parking zone. Like a special permit to park. Then we can get the Rent a cops off our tails. I think that's the most aggrevating part of it all. Mr. rent a cop giving out the ol' "you shouldn't be parking cause...." lecture. I hate that more then the ticket.
    Get a reasonable agreement and stop slowing us down with these petty things. It's not like we don't understand the no parking concept.

    Anyone else get caught up in a lectureing Meter cop. They can be like a nagging mother.
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    It's the price of doing business?

    It's the generated revenue?

    It's job security for the parking officers?

    It's a way to clog up the judicial system?
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    The sad part of this artical is where the delivery driver actually thinks that if they quit writing parking tickets to UPS he is going to get a bonus. Face the facts- You ain't never going to get anything besides a turkey.
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    Aspen dear, Please use a larger font; some of us are old.

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    Dino ~ Will do from now on! :wink:
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    I once saw a beer delivery guy arrested after he threw his hand truck and accidentally hit the meter maid.
    He was arguing the ticket to a brick wall.
    Backlasher, what part of Ohio. I grew up outside Columbus.
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    I once got a parking ticket, and our center manager got pissed. As with many cities, downtown doesn't have any good parking spaces.
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    Dino ~ Will do from now on!

    Aspens always there to help! (Wiseguy!)
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    over9five ~ I didn't know my font was so small until later. Some folks need the large print edition! :tongue_sm
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    Those hand trucks have a mind of there own sometimes, LoL. I'm in cleveland.
    I'm still with Top Dawg expidited delivery, Which sucks cause your on call 24/7 and could be heading local downtown or out of State so you can't make any plans for a personal life and it's always rush delivery, gotta run as soon as I get an order.
    I start as an Air Driver for UPS thursday. I'm doing some Fire training course at the air port wednsday for the position.
    I was hired in as a part-time 5am to 12pm shift. Bravehart said that part time is only supposed to be 4 hrs. but the H.R. that hired me assured me it was
    5-12=7hr days M-Fr. It's perminent and not seasonal. Should I take Into consideration what Braveheart said and worry about it being only a 4 hr. shift?? Or can I trust the H.R. Lady that hired and not worry about it????

    I'm excited about the pay,long term stability and airn't most of the routes in certain zones so you always have a rough idea were your gonna be at everyday?

    Oh yea, HAPPY LABOR DAY everyone!
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    That's your first mistake, never ever trust anything UPS tells you.

    You are guaranteed 4 hours a day in the contract, thats all.
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    The police occasionally give UPS/Fed Ex/RPS tickets here in our downtown area YET don't say a word when we all park directly in fron of the police station or jail to deliver packages. Very strange.
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    A driver here gets tickets once in a while, but he also delivers the police department. So when he goes in there, he has that big orange ticket sticking out of his shirt pocket. They see it and "take care of it"!
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    Anything over 5hrs is OT. Time and a half
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    What's more annoying is that the USPS cannot be cited for any parking violations!

    I guess I am lucky, though, parking tickets are usually $10 or less in my area.