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    I'm new to the forum and hope ya'll don't mind me bring up hours of service. First let me explain what is happening. My center manger is keeping up with my full-time job hours and add them to my UPS part-time hours. I'm a teacher's aide, I work 37.5 hours a week and I average 20 to 24 hours at UPS for an average of 57.5 to 61.5 hours a week. My teaching job starts at 7:00am. So by the DOT HOS I'm disqualified to drive air shuttles to the air hub at night and deliver on Saturdays. Anybody else have this problem?
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    I was always it worked how the pilots hours worked, non driving (or flying) hours dont count against your hours
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    Let me try and explain this so you understand. (if you have a DOT job) You can only drive 11 hrs on duty 14 hrs, but if you have a second job you can work as many hrs as you want. Where the problem comes in is you have to have 10 hrs off between work and at the end of the week you have to have been off duty 34 hrs before going back to driving. If you happen to work on sat then your 34 hrs starts at the end of that work period. If you go back to work Mon morn without having reached that 34 hrs then you are disqualified from driving.
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    to add just a little for your sake, do not depend on anyone else to keep up with your hours.....

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    I don't think it should matter. If someone worked at a gas station for 55 hours, I wouldn't want them to drive a company vehicle afterwords. The body needs to be rested. The manager is covering his ass and should not be criticized.
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    Sounds all legit to me.

    If we work late on night driving say till 9pm or so. Then get called in early to help the preload we are disqualified from driving that day.
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    Why in the world would you inform UPS of your life outside of UPS and other employment? It is none of their business what you do at your other job.

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    ok now that I have some attention, first because I start work at 7:00am that is the beginning of my 14 hours, so my night shuttle can't be completed by 9:00pm that’s the 14 hour. Second I don't get off before 9:00pm so I don't get 10 hours off before 7:00am school start. Third my total hours are close to the 60 hour rule that takes Saturday air delivers away. The 34 hour rule is not a problem. I have talked to the NC DOT and they say the HOS rules do not apply to class C vehicles. Unless you are a feeder driver you have a class C license, which means you are driving class C exempt vehicles. Now there are full time drivers that have second landscaping scrape metal...internet company...these jobs are compensated hours of work but they are not penalized. So if you a part time UPSer with a full time job else where you can not drive for UPS part time. I have completed progression as an air execption driver and am at top pay. Are there any other part time driver out there that are being affected this way?
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    They are feeder standards (class a) not class c. These are what all our hours are based on.
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    Don't be stupid. How many of us drivers are landscaping in the dark or doing scrap work after were done at night?
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    We have one that does. He cuts yards after he gets off. He also repainted his house in the morning hours before he came to work. He's a freakin' machine.
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    total hours in a seven day period....includes saturday and sunday not just the days you work at you sleep 10 hour?... no! we have several drivers that own landscaping companys...a that collect scrapmetal before and after work from the company on their route. a few have internet companies...the point is just because you dont need more money does not mean the other are not looking for more or easier incomes. all of this is compensated hours of work that counts to your 60 and 34 hour rules.
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    sorry, that's not true according to DOT rules. the supe is doing the right thing in this case.
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    If you do not like the rules, quit teaching or UPS. That is your choice.

    My bosses go by the same rules.

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    I know it sucks for you but just think if you're involved in accident with serious injuries or worse. Some how, someone would bring up the fact you have the other job and the law suit's would start. Would you then wonder if the extra money was worth it?

    Yes, the Center Manager is covering his butt. I know cause up until 3 years ago nobody cared how many hours a part timer worked on other jobs but that was when all these questions started being asked.
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    I've been teaching 12 years...I've been at UPS going on 4 years. I'm just tiring to make some money not a career change...I'm 48. Besides I ask about a 223 job and the center manger said that there would not be anymore. All centers and hubs are a little different. If we all work by the same rules then I can live with that, but when we use different rules to work that’s not what the union promotes. I've seen thing at UPS that the driver do and the supervisors do that are very questionable and contrary to the contract and DOT laws, just get the job done! Milk the Company! All I want is a level field. I have read the contract and the DOT regulations along with the UPS handbook. There are other post where drivers talk of working more than 10 to 12 hours in a day. I've heard drivers say they wait at a store on the clock for 9.5 before driving to the center. As a package car driver you can be on the clock just 11 hours including lunch, why because you don't log your hours in a logbook like a feeder driver, your exempt from a logbook among other DOT reg like using a class C license to drive a class B vechicle(any vehicle over 10,000 pounds. bigger than a P500).If all drivers follow the rules then there would be more full time jobs. Don't matter much we all be laid off before long... Lack of integrity can get you fired. If asked about your other job you must inform them of your hours. I just wanted to see if the field was level. Thanks for your response hope we all learned something new. Remember to be polite. Sorry I tend to ramble.
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    We can be on the clock 13.99 hrs. Ups has chosen to cap our hrs at 12. 12 hrs include lunch and breaks for a total of 1 hr (for me). Or in other words, 11 hrs driving 1 hr lunch and breaks. Break and lunch times vary by area. I personally have to get mgt approval to go over 12 hrs. I cannot get approval to go over 14hrs. 14 hrs are DOT regulations.

    It doesn't matter if we are in a class B vehicle, UPS choses to abide with class a regs. You aren't going to change that.
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    Not here. 12 hours is 12 hours. Lunch is unpaid and as such is not figured into our 12hr cap.
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    I'm pretty sure the DOT regulations in question are not federal. We recieved a PCM on this subject and the rules quoted were from ODOT(Oregon dept transportation). So depending on which state you live in it might be different.
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    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy :anxious:!!