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    this has probably been asked a bunch of times, but i did a search and didn't see many results for what i'm looking for.

    i work full time now, but i'm looking to do some part time work and possibly full time(job change) if it comes available. my question is, if i get a job at ups and they hire me part time as a permanant employee and i get benefits, do those health benefits cover my entire family with full benefits? my wife and 15 month old daughter? or would they only cover me?
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    Yes, your entire family will be covered under the PT Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans. The length of time it takes to make senority and the dates your coverage begins may vary due to where you are in the country and what plan you fall under. A lot of people get part time jobs at UPS just for the Health Insurance.
  3. phyba optikz

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    well, i pay over $600 every month for health insurance, but thats not the main reason i'd like to work at ups, seems like a decent place to work at least from what people tell me. but i see that you have a better chance of getting on full time if you start part time, but if i can save money on healthcare and make extra money working part time, seems like a win win situation.
    no job is all peaches and cream, but i'd like to have some kind of job security, been at my job for 6 years and they are outsourcing half of the stuff.
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    You bust your ass off, (some) managers are nice and (all) won't listen to you, but UPS takes care of their own. All I can say.
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    yea i can say the company's got the best benefit out there. you and your family will love it.:)
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    It's great for what you are thinking about. In Colorado you get medical in 30 days (at seniority) . The rest kick in at 6 months. Best of all you pay nothing for the benefits. Its really nice. We have several people who work just for the benefits. Especially, women who have families and their husbands are self employed.
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    First time poster, looks like a great forum!! Anyone know when medical benefits kick in for the Michigan area? My wife has been working permanent part-time for about 5 weeks now and has yet to get her benefits package in the mail. Also, does it cover the whole family or just her?


  8. Hey Now

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    Remember in august you will not have benefits untill you work a year and family will not kick in for 18 months. Above poster your wife has to gain senority first which means work 30 working days, auctual days at work. Then go 30 days after that to get the medical.. ...
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe, DH. Off the top of my head, I'd say the earliest your wife would receive her benefits enrollment packet is likely after 90 calendar days of employment. After only 5 weeks, I suspect she has yet to achieve seniority status, typically requiring something along the lines of 30, 40, or 60 days worked. I suggest she check with her Human Resources/employment office for a timetable of when/what coverage she (and the rest of your family as dependents) will have (this varies around the country), and who provides for it (UPS or the Union). I also suggest she take some time before or after her shift to find out what her local union # is, (there should be bulletin boards in her building or ask a coworker or driver) and ask a union shop steward or call the local to ask about the requirement for seniority, and what will her seniority date be (the first day she worked or the date she achieves seniority?).
  10. hondo

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    If she'll be in local 710 (not under the National Master Agreement), the 1 year/18 mo. timetable may not be correct. I repeat, find out her local union #, as there are riders, supplements, addenda, and letters of understanding which may supercede the NMA. Her HR/employment office is the best source of info. for the health coverage question.
  11. If you are in a UPS sponsored healthcare plan the benefits for 12/18 months thing applies. Basically if you're in the same plan they offer management people then yes the 12/18 month stipulation applies. IF you have a teamster funded healthcare plan (as local 170 does out in my area) that stipulation does NOT apply. You get your healthcare based on meeting whatever requirement they have, which around here is working 400 hrs or paying off your initiation fee, not the contract's requirement.
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    From my understanding/experience at my centre, I am a Part Time Driver hired in the middle of October 2007. HR stated my seniority started 1st of November. Probation period would consist of 90 working days and benefits would come into effect after 1 year of service.

    Now, I have yet to consider anything else Union related other than money that comes off my check every week. I am "too busy" dealing with my probation period success/failure to be worried about anything else. I do agree with Hondo that you must continually communicate with HR, Centre Management and Union Representatives to make sure you are taking care of your own situation at UPS. Information, as it relates to you, can be the key to success working for this Company.

    On a side note, one of the drivers that I have gotten to know somewhat, just achieved his maximum rate for Part Timers. Personally, it took him 2 1/2 yrs to do so. I have talked with 2 other drivers who achieved their maximum Full Time rate at 7 yrs and 9 yrs respectively.

    This leads me to believe that I will have to watch my own situation very carefully. I suggest you do the same. Not everyone's work experience will be the same and you can't necessary count on your UPS progression to be a linear process.

    Good luck.
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    If you're union and you have a contract, the process is quite linear. It comes down to holding management, payroll etc to hold that end of the bargain.
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    We have a part timer who was working just for the benies. She was paying $900 a month for her family!!!! Who the heck can afford that!????!!! UPS has its bad moments but the health benefits are the BEST anywhere. We pay nothing out of our check for them. How many of you out there have been told by someone in the medical profession that these are the best benefits they have seen. I guess they have to be for all the repair work they have to do.
  15. CFLBrown

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    Just make sure you get hired before the new contact date. Have to wait a YEAR for yourself and 1 1/2 years for your dependents. That should take effect in Aug 08.

    Don't forget the $1 million lifetime cap per person :P
  16. dillweed

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    That 1 year/18 mo deal is baloney and should never have passed. I'm 710 and am not going to vote "yes" if they try to stick it up, er.. I mean in ours.
  17. LKLND3380

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    The insureance is good but the percription plan sucks.... It's better than nothing I guess...
  18. iowa boy

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    Lakeland, simply curious when i ask this, (not trying to be a wise :censored2:), but why does your prescription plan suck so bad?
  19. HazMatMan

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    Co-pay went from 5 dollars to 10 dollars
    Prescriptions went from 3 dollars to 10 dollars.
    At what point do we say our benefits aren't that good?? And yes I know it is still better than most American workers. I heard a rumor that the prescription will be 20 dollars in a few years, will we still say we have great benefits if that happens??
  20. HazMatMan

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    Benefits used to kick in after 6 months of employment, now it will take a year for the employee and 18 months for his/her family.. Co-pays going up, prescriptions going up, pretty soon we will not have such great benefits....