Part-time supervisor battling with Integrity in the unload.

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    To all,

    For discussion:

    A newly promoted idealistic unload part-time supervisor desires to fight with Integrity in his operation.

    He recognizes that this is a battle he will probably not win but he has decided to stand by his integrity even if it costs him his job.

    He has decided that to establish credibility in his area he must make safety and package handling the priorities respectively.

    Egress and package care are going to be the elements that he addresses first because he has identified these as the elements that are most chronically violated and can be deemed least best.

    His plan will unfold as follows:

    He will PCM his entire operation and he will inform them of his plan and follow up with instructing them as to what is expected of them by UPS training in regards to egress and package handling compliance.

    He fully intends to apply progressive discipline to each of his unloaders that fail to take him seriously and fail to do what is expected of them.

    Well, as you probably know, as soon as the PCM is over and the sort begins it isn't 5 minutes before he sees violations.

    It is actually so bad that every one of his unloaders in his area are in violation of both elements chronically throughout the evening.

    He wants to immediately address this issue and his full-time sup is not real supportive and a bit angry about the lack of flow coming from the unload but he proceeds to get the shop steward to address the issue anyway.

    He goes door to door with the shop steward and reviews the situation with each unloader and gives them a courtesy heads up that the next infraction will have to be a verbal warning of more significant discipline and that this conversation will be document in their file.

    His operation was a mess, the flow was horrible, everyone was mad, (his unloaders, the shop steward, his full-time sup and the preload manager) and it only gets worse.

    What do you think happens next?

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    "I" ignores it and asks others what they would do...
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers are disciplined by your boss for trying to do your job correctly would be my guess. Because all they care about is getting packages from point A to point B as fast as possible.
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    Is this the part where you see the violation and walk away?
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    I know what happens next.

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    You may want to get a bit more rest. You seem tired.

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    Disciplined for trying to do a job correctly.

    Interesting answer.

    Very close, more on this story at a later time.

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    UPS Preloader,

    I actually asked what do you think happens next?

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    Oh don't leave us in such suspense. Just tag it in another thread where you rehash the same topic 5 times.
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    Assuming what you said is 100% perfect, the PT supervisor should have a long talk with his boss. His goals aren't wrong, but he tried to go from 0 to 100 overnight. That's just stupid. It would be virtually impossible for anyone to completely change what people do in one night and expect it to go smoothly.
    The PCM was fine, guys I want us to concentrate on egress to make the work environement safe for all of us. etc etc etc.
    The first night, he could have identified the least best employee and t/w him. No shop steward, just a t/w and w/w to ensure he reduced (not necessarily got to 100% perfect on egress the first night). Each day work on maintaining what you gained from the prior day and improve a bit more that day.

    You may think this isn't integrity since the first day\week\month that I let egress issues continue or other elements. I counter that I don't know of anyone good enough to go that far that fast. Also, as a new person comes into area, make sure they are trained with egress in mind and accept nothing but 100% on the new person. (They don't have the bad habit, so there's nothing that needs to be fixed, just don't let it get broken on them). Eventually, egress issues will be a thing of the past and I can work on the next problem while ensuring I don't let egress issues come back.

    The way the PT supervisor did it was ridiculous and a recipe for failure.

  15. This BSwouldn't happen at FedEx. Union Workers should be replaced with working productive people.
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    The supervisor isn't wrong here but you have to wonder why he cares about this so much. Just get the flow out as soon as possible.
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    He's new - what else do you expect? All new supervisors want to change the world - hell, that's why half of them become supervisors: precisely because they are so naive as to the nature of UPS that they actually think they can change things. The newsflash is that the company doesn't want to change things.

    I speak from experience.

    It will; very soon. The second bad production trickles up to division/district, he will either be moved or fired. There is absolutely no question in my mind about that - especially an unload soup; no flow = bad production = short career.

    I don't know the building or the area, but most PT'ers want to bang out the work and GTF out of the building - read between the lines: they want to go fast.

    Package care. That's a good one. And, before you give a quintessential "Integrity" answer about why that's a good one - because more than half the damages that come into my unload are already damaged from the hubs that send them to us. So, unless you plan on implementing "package care" in every major northeastern hub, it will never, ever, ever change.

    One of two things will happen.

    First, and most likely, this naive person will abandon their idealism, crack to the pressure, and start wrecking the belts/building.

    Second, he will be moved/fired.
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    So, what actually happened??
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    Sup was probably shown the door and is now at the soup kitchen telling all the derelicts how he once ran a fortune 500 operation !
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    I'm guessing everybody started disco