Part-time wages aftter progression (post 2008 seniority)

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    From what I understand reading the contract, the part-time progression finishes at $11.87 an hour ($12.87 for sort/preload). My question is what are the wage increases AFTER? I didn't see anything about this in the NMA.
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  2. barnyard

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    It is not in the NMA. All wages are covered in local supplements.
  3. ocnewguy

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    Neither the Southwest sort rider nor western supplement seem to mention anything about part-time wage increases after progression.
  4. iowa boy

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    If you started say on August 3, 2008,you will get half of the 95 cent raise for 2012. That will come about on Feb 1st of 2013 and will be 47.5 cents. These are the regular contractual raises that everyone who has obtained seniority receives.
  5. JonFrum

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    Part-time wages are covered in Article 22 of the National Master Agreement.

    Usually, after you have completed your Progression, you get the "General Wage Increases" that most employees get. But since the NMA expires on 7/31/2013, no one knows what the raises will be beyond that date.