PAS/EDD is killing the company

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    while I do like the PAS/EDD system, it's definately a company killer when it's micro managed. Actually knowing what is on the truck is great so you're not rummaging through the back for other packages. However when on car sups and center managers make last minute add / cuts to routes, it makes the day even worse. I've had quite a few problems and i'll give you a couple examples. they took 15 stops from me and gave them to driver two. took 11 stops from driver two and gave them to three. took 18 stops from driver three and gave them to me. whats the point when we are all in the same town. it took us the same amount of time because we had to break our regular trace and go deliver someone else's stops. the other example is they on time gave me 22 stops of businesses. they were a 40 minute drive from my route...i also had the nda for my area...i went and did my airs, then drove to the split and back, took lunch on my route. at 2:00 i still had over 100 stops left and pickups start at 3:30. what was management thinking. They just need to leave us alone...if one guy is light then he should be told that he will be helping out at the end of the day or he may have a straight 8 day, but now its all numbers and they could care less about the customers. no wonder our stock hasnt done jack in months
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    drivers have given mgmt their time to work out the kinks in the system to no about giving the drivers (who know the route and customer preferences-believe it or not)the reins ,,,,and let us have a shot at balancing the loads and running a center for 1 month------we eliminate supes and cms......UPS would be surprised at how well this place would run-----efficiently ,profit wise ......and we could discipline ourselves....ok my dream is over.......where were we...
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    They do add cuts all the time in are building usally becasue there cutting a route that day or one drivers is blown out. You need to adapt to the sitution. Remeber you get paid by the hour. Just call in 9.5 or over 10 etc.
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    Yes, it is.
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    That would never work in our center where we have driverss that would screw you 8 days out of 7 so that they could be done under 8 hours.

    Our bosses do somewhat let us take care of each other. There are about a dozen of us in the town and outskirts that I am part of and most of us will go and help another out if the other needs nelp. Do unto others. As long as we are in by 9.5 and make our sup look good he all but lets us run things.
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    Its been getting out of hand here lately too. The most ridiculous example is when they take 20 stops from a driver only to replace those stops with the same amount from the next route over.
  7. 40 and out

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    There are flaws in Pas/Edd that never get fixed and management can at times do stupid things with it. It could be much better,but would you really want to go back to pre-Pas/Edd days? I know I wouldn't.
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    PAS/EDD was a major(but wasn't the only) motivator when it came to me leaving package car. I got out before it arrived in my building. 5 years later and I'm still counting my lucky stars. The preload sups that dispatch in my old center do a fine job of butchering the trips so I am told.:knockedout:
  9. hellfire

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    i would in a second
  10. 1989

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    I've gone back twice. It ain't so bad.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Neither would I. PAS/EDD has actually made me a much more efficient driver. The key was putting in the work when the implementation team was in my center to ensure that my EDD was set up the way that I run the area.
  12. over9five

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    Agreed. Be ANAL (the PAS/EDD implementation teams word). Get those number breaks EXACT, not just close. If you like to do your dead ends odd side in, even side back, set it up that way.
    Get it as exact as you can in the beginning.
  13. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    The issue I have is that when something is out of order, I tell the DS. His answer is that "I fixed it in this plan (say it's a 29 car plan) but I have to go in and fix it in all the other plans (could be up to 38 car plan)." Well, ***! Fix it in ALL the plans then! Cause I'm just gonna hound you till you do!!
  14. over9five

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    Ha! I remember hearing that too. Seems strange you can't just fix something once so it's implemented in all the plans.
  15. MC4YOU2

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    The genius who set ours up used microsoft maps and trips and it literallt starts sections in the culdesac of a dead end street jumps over and runs stuff the next block from the opposite end?????
    He said "yes but that won't actually run like it shows here. But it does. Now mgmt is so buried in trying to make the process productive for their dm's they aren't interested in hearing about flaws in the original plan. Yeah that's some real forward thinking.
    Commercial sections are not as bad as resis. Resis change day to day and will be missing whole streets and so some streets will run low to high and next stops over 2 or 3 blocks run low to high again. Also no consideration for business that have odd hours and so hit your loop at odd times each day. Still counts as a break from trace the same as if you just wanted to do it that way. If you run just business and it is always the same you will love edd. If you have a mixed bag that needs flexibility you will likely see the real limits. Square peg round hole.
    Any time I bring up the dol they just think its as good as it needs to be. I now just run at 85% or better and call it a day.
    Add/cuts are done last minute due to ie or dm calling for a route bust out. My mgmt guys are just as put out with those too.
  16. JimJimmyJames

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    I hear you driver. I worked with it for a bit before I went to feeders. PAS/EDD was the last nail in the coffin for my package car days.

    And yes, I worked with management to maked sure my EDD was set up properly. An obsessive-compulsive freak like me could do no less. But they still found ways to screw me on a daily basis.

    What it really did for me was just give me more work. That was the one thing I didn't need.
  17. wornoutupser

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    I work in a building that was not set up correctly to begin with. Satellite photos were used instead of driver information.

    One supreme example of the idiocy is that a run is supposed to travel an impassable 2 mile dirt road every day because the satellite shots did not show the sugar sand. This causes the entire areas to be run with "excessive" miles to bypass and warnings are issued- yet the plan is flawed from the start. We are now told to "run it smart"- yet get threatened because we are way off trace. This is a lose-lose situation because the drivers are ***** about it and management refuses to fix the problem. This is daily and almost every area in the building has these types of problems.

    My center has had several managers in the two years since PAS went in-one is gone due to changing timecards, one was here long enough to get operations time in for the resume and the current one does not want to talk to drivers.

    Another issue here is the same as some of the other posts. If you get a street range fixed for the 40 car plan, it is not fixed in the 35 car plan. This is insane. Our supervisor will not go through all of the plans to make changes and your route will vary from one day to the next in the exact same work because of it.

    Warnings are issued-greived and fought to a stalemate here. Morale is gone, not dropping. Atlanta will not have anything left in this part of my state to pull a bonus on if these types of issues are not addressed- and addressed soon.
  18. slantnosechevy

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    UPS heirarchy tried that back in the '90's. It was called team concept. It was their first attempt to eliminate some mngmnt. We're just a couple upgrades away from having something close to what you describe. One full-time supe in every building is the goal. Mothership will run things from cyberspace.