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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wily_old_vet, Feb 25, 2005.

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    the montley fool group has aways been anti ups.Almost every article they write which mentions ups has a negative slant. They consider fedex on of the best stocks on nyse...period. They are bias
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    I cannot disagree with that BUT they do have a point about how the company talks about the numbers. To say the least, it's confusing. The Street doesn't like confusing stuff!
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    TonyExpress.. Edd is good, but getting pkgs addressed to 1400 East Main and are PALed as 1400 West Main each and every day is BS. 3 levels of supevision have been notified of the fix yet (9 months).
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    You're right 9 months is B.S. I can't tell you why it would take so long to iron out a problem like that. Are they even working on it? If you're not getting any help from your center team after several requests perhaps you should speak to your division manager.
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    Nobody cares!
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    Somebody has to care to be around almost 100 years. Geeeeezzzz![​IMG]
  7. Downtowner:
    Sounds like your Data OMS isn't doing their job properly. What sort of procedures does your center have in place to correct badly PALed packages?
  8. This morn I was loaded with 3 bulk stops, because the regular package car was full and could not hold them.It was a total of 94 packages.I ask the preload supv if he had transferred the stops in my board and the center manager spoke up and said that he could not do that.It would mess up the numbers.I ask him to explain and he just kept telling me that it would mess up the numbers.....anyone ever heard of that???
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    yes sendagain6160 it is called cooking the books.
    It will show he had too many cars in?
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    PAS isn't failing. The folks in charge of making it work are failing.
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    "yes sendagain6160 it is called cooking the books.
    It will show he had too many cars in?"

    No,it's called laziness!
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    His boss talked about numbers.I would guess that split was to stay on the car they took it off.So bingo it shows that it never left?
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    CACD - Good program that needed constant updating to be work correctly. It was a failure!

    PAS/EDD - Hmm... I wonder it's fate?
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    Well, at 1.5 Million in costs per building to perfect and install PAS, I wonder just how much they really think padding their sheets is really going to convince the stock holders at their meetings! It's complete CHAOS in our building and EDD has been there for over a year now!!! Listen up NYSE!!!
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    "How does UPS turn a great success like that into a failure? "

    I agree Pretzel, UPS does have some very tallented people.[​IMG]