Pay for Play....Ups vs FedEx dispute up for sale

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by diesel96, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Mr. Fed-Ex saved so much money in the past by cheating the government, he should of had that change in the cup holder of his Bentley.
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    Kind of makes ya wonder if UPS got the service at a discount. I don't know if UPS hired this firm or not, but it's hard to believe that the ACU would support UPS for free.
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    Free?! Never. You pay you play.
    No tickie-no laundry.
    Pretty slimy if you ask me
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    I wonder what the percentage of fedex employees along with fedex ground would actually vote a union in?:cigarsmoker:
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    per that article, they already have a union
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    way to go Fred!Give em hell!Our ideals cant be bought.UPS on the other hand......
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    Diesel, I think you are misinterpreting the letter. It is not a shakedown attempt like The Rev. Jesse and his Rainbow/Push Coalition routinely runs against corporations. Jackson wants money, and if you don't pay, he and his organization will badmouth you. That's extortion.

    The ACU or the other hand is offering an advertizing and mobilizing campaign. Mailings and radio ads cost a lot of money. Keene is offering to do the work, using his extensive list of contacts, if Fedex will foot the bill for postage and labor. That's just not sinister. It's a business proposition. Fedex would choose the extent of the campaign it wanted, and pay the quoted cost.

    As to switching sides, I think anyone who supports Fedex in principle can still oppose its BrownBailout website, as the site inaccurately accuses UPS of seeking a "bailout."
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    The palms being greased in this scenario are the special interest groups...
    “pay for play” exposes the practice by some political interest groups of taking stands not for reasons of pure principle, as their members and supporters might assume, but because a sponsor is paying big money. Take a shot at Rev Jackson if you will, but I bet he takes a stand on principles more than special interest groups such as the American Conservative Union displays it's availibility to be swayed with greenbacks....I'm sure this behavior goes on with many political special interest and lobbiest groups on both sides, but the legislation feud between UPS and FedEx intensifies the exposure of this practise. The ACU has done a complete 180, from backing FedEx Chairman Fred Smith, a champion of capitalism who in the past has been a favorite of conservatives, to UPS for a price tag of $2 million.....that kind of chump change can be found between the seats of Fred Smith's Bentley....
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    You act like Smith and FedEx are both the epitome of ethics and morality, which they most certainly or not. As long as Fred has articulate defenders like you he has nothing to worry about. In other words, he should be extremely concerned.
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    Go get a job at UPS and stop bothering me.
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    Go do your job at FedEx and stop bothering us!
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    That is a very good article and I had not seen the "actual" numbers for FedEx employment classification.

    7,700 Fix or fly planes.
    90,000 non-management do the driving, loading, and misc work.

    I think that is the bottom line right there.
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    Another phase in an ugly campaign by fdx as they disintegrate into the gutter.

    Fdx started the brown.bailout campaign. They've been getting some heat in the press for misrepresenting the RLA bill as a bailout and today I saw a letter from a senator to fred smith admonishing him for misrepresenting the bill as a bail out.

    This new leak is yet another misrepresentation. The ACU offered a specific marketing service. Fred again is misrepresenting it as if it were some type of shake down for support.

    Fred had a chance to utilize this service and do some marketing that would have certainly been much more positive then the brownbailout egg he laid.

    I'm enjoying these events since they can only help ups in the long run.
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    There, I fixed it for you. And you are a Fedex Home Delivery manager? Enough said.
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    Your Fearless Leader just said in an interview that "FedEx drivers make more than UPS drivers" among other huge lies. If I were 21 years old again I'd stay away from this industry completely, but if I had to throw boxes, I would do it for UPS, not FedEx.

    What "bothers" you is that we know you don't even work for FedEx and that I (and others) have repeatedly called you out. Come on out of the troll closet and tell us your true orientation. Sorry, but nobody who really worked for FedEx could be as clueless as you are about so many aspects of the company.
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    Well stated. Smith is an expert at twisting the truth to meet his needs. I'm enjoying these events as well, not because it helps UPS, but because it helps expose Fred for the unethical crybaby he really is.

    The Wallop letter is especially damaging, because even Conservatives are starting to become angry at the way Smith has mis-represented the facts.
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    What exactly are the "ideals" that you are referring to? It seems that Mr. Smith has bought every loophole that the company has. Hasn't it been proven over and over again that you aren't really a Fedex courier? I used to think that you may be an operations manager, but you don't really know enough about operations for that to be true. So now I think that you are probably a sales rep or a low level PR person for Fedex. If you have any ideals you should be honest about what you are and not pose as someone in a different position than you hold.