Payroll Issue with double shifting.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Insuruto, Jan 4, 2016.

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    I am a part-time local sort employee. I audit international packages. I was asked to cover drive for 2 weeks during peak season and forced to work the local sort on the same days. According to my coworkers and the teamsters southern region agreement book (Article 58 Section 3)... I should be compensated at the rate applicable to the highest rated classification for all work performed during that day. This was not the case when I received my paychecks. I was making my regular pay for the local sort and not cover driver pay. I called and spoke with the payroll clerk who said she would speak to the center manager but she was sure it was accurate. She also told me other employees from the preload were cover driving and working their regular jobs as well and did not ask for a payroll correction. Can someone enlighten me on this subject matter? Thanks.
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    Have you discussed it with your business agent? Oh wait, southern region... You're probably not part of the Union, even though you want Union pay.
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    Have you talked to your steward?
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    Sounds about right
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    @bleedinginbrown58 I haven't spoke with a steward yet, they haven't been available during the holidays. I will speak with one tonight.

    @Bagels I pay my union dues weekly. It comes out of my paycheck each week...
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    You will be paid hub rate for working inside hub, it's not like a 22.3 job. You worked a different shift. Next time just tell them ya need 10hrs off per dot
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    I'm in the southern and pay dues.