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    My experience coming from the outside was educational and it was nice to get back into the union shop groove. Of the many people that I met, there was only one who I am glad to not have a long term relationship with. Snowball gave me headaches and would instantly bring me back into management hatred mode which I did not need to be in. I have been at the bottom of a seniority list before, but never had the experience of being on-call. This was interesting and would have been frustrating if money was my main goal. Feeders putting up with calling-in for years have my respect and I hope that this type of scheduling does not cause too many accidents. Switching from days to nights short-term is challenging but the routers were reasonably understanding. There was not very much stress to be dealt with. It is nice to see that feeders is an option for high seniority people who have given their bodies to the company. The company that I came from eliminated most of the feeder-like positions and there was nowhere for the broken to go. Good luck everyone and thanks for making my experience nearly painless!
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    God bless senority

    God bless
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    there's always next year.