Peak layoffs

currently im a preloader with seniority over most other preloaders. Last year we only laid a few peak hires off and of course they weren’t Union yet. But recently my supervisors have been moving a lot of higher seniority people around and threating high seniority preloaders with layoffs after peak. My question is can they layoff whoever they want or do they have to go in seniority order? I always thought they had to go in seniority order but this has me worried, thanks


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1) Know the contract basics.

2) Laugh at your sups when they say stupid :censored2: like that.
I had a supervisor once who thought it was a motivator to start every PCM with, "Guys, they're looking to fire somebody on PD-18 today. Pick up the pace and don't be that guy". After a day or two, we'd see all the same faces and everyone realized it was nonsense. When I got to mgmt and realized how precious staffing was in the hub, I thought it was pretty funny.