Pennsy Turnpike Christmas Eve

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  1. InTheRed

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    Anyone hear about this? Apparently there was a feeder driver who was involved in a fatal accident (3 out of 4 in the car wiped out). Pennsy turnpike was closed for 6-7 hours and tons of midnight to preload loads were delayed and didn't get processed until close to noon today.

    Horrible to hear what happened with the feeder and the family. I looked online and saw a story about it, however no mention of the company. Did anyone else hear about this tragic event? Was anyone else here affected by it?
  2. chev

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    I heard it was a Willow Grove driver. Supposedly he tried to get the occupants out but it caught fire and he couldn't do anything to save them.
    Very sad. :sad-little:
    I know the roads were treacherous. Black ice was bad.
    I'm sure this will be another one with little information leaked to protect the company.
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  3. InTheRed

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    Yes I heard it was a Willow Grove driver as well. Details also provided were that he saw he was going to collide with a disabled vehicle and tried to roll the trailer so he would avoid slamming into the car. I don't understand the theory on that one, but instead of avoiding the car he/she rolled the trailer onto the car.

    Again all second hand I haven't seen any news story to corroborate this.

    What I did read was he was able to pull 1 child from the car who was airlifted to Hershey Hospital. The other 3 occupants died. Horrible.
  4. DownsizedUPS'er

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  5. scratch

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    UPS uses Sterling tractors. Terrible tragedy. I heard this morning that we had a driver in my Hub involved in a fatality too. Somebody ran a stop sign in front of a package car Tuesday night.
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  6. chev

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    Yep. scratch is right. Sterling is just the make of tractor just like Mack or International.

    From what the article says, it sounds like the UPS driver would have had a difficult time avoiding the accident. Very tragic. It seems like this year has been deadly one. :sad-little:
  7. InTheRed

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    Anyone here affected operations-wise from the traffic incidents out there? Our district received numerous late trailers from central-pa and most everyone had a 5pm eta at the earliest. Drivers were finishing between 4:45-7:20.
  8. BrownPR215

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    Here in Philly we were. I didn't leave the building till 10:00 AM and I had two air meets and finished about 4:30 PM but I know that some guys were out till 5:30 or so.
  9. ikoi62

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    Here in Jersey we were,7 loads didn't arrive till 10-11 am
    held the drivers in till 1045 it was a mad house.
    customers at the front door and counter..skids of box's everywhere.i would say close to 5-6 thousand packages not sent out.what was to be a light day on Friday is now a regular day with no pickups.
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    It was a driver out of the willowgrove pa building. I don't want to say his name I think he has a enough to deal with now. Just pray for the 2 year old.....
  11. DownsizedUPS'er

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    indeed, i am praying for the 2 year old, as well as the driver. this is a terrible terrible tragic event.
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    Here's a link from a Lancaster paper if anyone is interested. What a shame. Pray for the family but also for the UPS Feeder Driver, he has to live with this for the rest of his life also.
  13. Cementups

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    I'm a Harrisburg driver near where this happened. I'm not sure which way the guy was headed but I know we had a load stuck in traffic behind hte wreak. It sort of held us up. When i say sort of we culd have had drivers in around 3, but instead supervisors told drivers to sit for about 2 hours so they wouldn't come in under 8 hours. on Christmas Eve even. jerkwads.
  14. drewed

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    If he would have rolled it 30 ft earlier would there have been any fatalities? Yea it would have closed the turnpilke for a couple hours but ohwell, Id say the driver was courageous to attempt to do that but thats me he did what he thought was best in the situation
  15. Highwayman

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    I drive from WG to HBG on east side of Penna TP. It was not so good at 1 am when I got off at 247 mm. Left HBG at 330 am 81 north bad from mm 90 north. Sorry to hear about deaths.:sad-very: