Perfect reason not to use your own cell phone

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    I had an Early Air delivery for a high rise apartment building. I get into the lobby and the system to call a particular apartment is out of order. There is a phone number on the package (an envelope) which is from a company's payroll department (so it's problaby someone's paycheck) I wait about 5 minutes for someone to come in or out, no luck. Against my better judgement, I use my own cell phone to call the number on the package, no answer, I leave a quick message and go on my way, delivery notice left. This town is actually covered by another center, but the center I work out handles the EAM's for this town. I will not be able to return.

    Within the hour, I start getting a call from the person who was supposed to be receiving this package. I realize I've made a mistake when he starts blowing up my phone. He called 26 times, and starts leaving messages about how he's gonna kick someone's ass if he doesn't get his package. Now I'm definetly not going back. Lesson well learned, don't use your own cell phone for work related purposes.
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    Never have never WILL!!! A lesson well learned my friend!
  3. No such person

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    I can't believe you waited 5 minutes for someone to open the door. That's about 4 1/2 minutes longer than I would have.
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    I Learned that long time ago when I was rookie and inexperienced. The lady called me at night around 9:00 pm to ask me where is her package.
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    You did the right thing by trying to call the consignee. Please don't let this bad experience sour you on trying to take care of the customer in the future.

    I use my cell whenever I have a bad address or a pkg that requires an autograph. I will leave my cell number and the number for the center on the voice mail and will give them their options (redelivery, pickup at center or meet me at drop box). I do this because our center is not conveniently located and is not easy to get to if you don't have your own car (college students) and because I do not like send agains. I will usually try to redeliver if I have time but will try to get them to meet me at one of my drop box pickups. I have been lucky in that I have never had an experience as you described.
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    I never leave my cell number. I do leave the center number though. If anyone wants to make arrangements they can do so through the center.
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    I can understand why you don't leave your cell but then you have to involve the center team and I just find it easier to make the arrangements myself rather than play phone tag with the OMS and consignee.
  8. pudg00

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    Customer service is what it is all about. I will only give my number to a regular stop.
    Del. EAM's the other day and had to call. Customer would have not got his pkg,s if I did not call.
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    If UPS wanted me to use a cell phone they would give me one to use. I never give it out, and even though the center knows my number I don't answer when they try to call.
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    I don't give my cell number to customers. They can call the center or the 800 number on the info notice. That's why we have an 800 number.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    To each his own. I simply prefer to work smarter, not harder. I also prefer customer service over indifference.
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    No doubt, that was a poor decision. We are not perfect. I did the same thing, once. Never again.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The decision itself was sound--it was the behavior of the consignee that was flawed.
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    I can see both sides. I have left messages with my cell many times and never had a regret doing so. Customers have been very thankful that I made such an effort to get them their package. The last time was last week and happened to be a birthday present for the customer's son. Made me glad that I did it. To me, it's up to the driver. One bad apple don't spoil the bunch.
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    Talk about wasting your time intercom system not working and no door bell would have been delivery notice and next stop. When I go to a resident house that needs a sign I ring the bell or knock unless I sure someone is home I take out my Delivery notices and start writing if someone comes to the door I throw it away if not I'm back on the car and to the next stop.

    I never call any customers if I have a problem I have the clerk call before I leave or after I get back.

    I love it when I'm readinga label as I deliver a the packages that say call customer 1 hr before delivery (Good luck on that ever happen).

    However if you really need to call a customer hit *67 first than the number then they can't call you back.
  16. JimJimmyJames

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    When I was in package I would not even give my cell # to my management team, let alone a customer.

    Managament circumvented this one day by asking a fellow driver and friend to call me. That happened once because I told my friend that if he ever did that again I simply would never take his calls.

    Now in feeders I use my cell to call dispatch and they all have my number. See how liking your job changes your attitude :happy2:!
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    I think you did right. Its a high revenue early am that someone needed in a hurry. Just learn how to block your number so the called ID does not pick it up.
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    upsate " and will give them their options (redelivery, pickup at center or meet me at drop box"

    why dont you ask you LP guy what happens when you del a package for 150 main st. at your drop box at 190 elm st. and the consignee claims he didnt recieve it.

    upstate: but i checked his drivers license!
    LP: payroll deduction improper del. methods...
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    get a signature!
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    Get a signature--duh!!