Permanent Work Restrictions

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    Hey guys I'm at a total loss right now. I've been on time off for 3 months and at my last Dr visit he said he couldn't do much more for my back and that all he could recommend is permanent work restrictions. Reported to work with the letter and they said they can't accomodate that so to stay on time off until those restrictions are ever lifted. 3 weeks later I get a letter stating UPS is pushing me into FMLA. I call liberty mutual and they can't help anymore with benefits regarding my injury because of the permanent restrictions I have. My injury happened in november, I've worked under these same restrictions for more than 2 months when it was temporary. This injury hasn't healed and I'm starting to doubt it ever will, how :censored2:ed am I?
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    First question:
    Was the injury on the job or a personal time injury?
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    On the job, i was just instructed by a union rep to contact an attorney. so im waiting on a call back.
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    STD is least in my local. Liberty Mutual is comp.
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    That's good advice!
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    Inform HR that you are requesting an ADA accommodation. There is an established process they must follow.
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    Yeah the attorney i spoke to said for me to request ADA and to sit back while he handles my claim.
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    So... what happened?