Phone charging devices


Since there's no way to charge your phone when delivering, curious as to what you all use to do that or the best thing? iPhone, not a cheap android.


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Do you use your phone that much during the day?

I start the day with a full charge and normally have 2 bars left when I punch out.


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I'm in feeder so we have cig lighters and all other sorts of legit ways to charge so not a problem for me but I have noticed devices at some stores that are essentially extra batteries that will recharge your iPhone. Since I never needed such devices I never looked at the details. I am sure if you go to Best Buy or Amazon you'll probablyfind what I am talking about.


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I use a Tzumi I picked up from Best Buys. It will charge your phone several times and is reasonably priced. I seldom use it, I stay off my phone when working.