Picketing is now illegal


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“Trump Just Quietly Ruled to Make Union Pickets Illegal”. “The ruling by Trump's labor board could mean far-reaching restrictions on one of labor's most potent weapons”.

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read the article man. they were picketing in front of the building they where assigned to work but didn't work for the bldg owners. they where third party janitors. sorta like if your outside maid service went on strike and picketed in front of your house.

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This is just another example of a website that makes a huge jump in logic just to get clicks. Worst case scenario etc. When you see the word "could" it invalidates the rest of the article.


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They ruled it illegal for teachers in Washington State to strike. They did it anyway. They were never prosecuted and won great gains. The lesson here is Together we have the power, they couldn't possibly fire all the teachers early September. But divided who knows, its scarier. The suck ass chicken-:censored2: "I cant afford a strike" retards, the ones that need a better contract the most, bring all our wages down.

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You cant really take anything thats posted on a site where the posters are anonymous, for truth. To many say irresponsible things, because there is no accountability. Just saying.
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