Pilot Slowdown going into final week

Discussion in 'UPS Airline / Gateway' started by danlin, Dec 17, 2005.

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    Well, as you are speaking up against the pilots I don't think you needed to tell anyone you were not a pilot. :laugh:

    The pilots have worked without a contract for the last four years patiently trying to negotiate with a company that has shown they are fine with going on like this forever.

    How is the fact that the pilots are trying to pressure UPS into real negotiations with informational pickets and slow downs affecting our livelihoods?
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    The pilots have NOT worked without a contract for four years. I'm not even sure they are technically without a contract even now. Agreed, talks have gone on for a long time but I am also sure that there is some blame to go around on both sides. Here is a clip from a recent article:

    "UPS and its pilots have been in federal mediated talks since June 2004. Its pilots contract became amendable on Dec. 31, 2003, and has remained unchanged since then. FedEx pilots are still working under a 1999 contract that became amendable in 2004. Last month, FedEx asked a federal mediator to join its talks."
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    ok2be....please don't take this wrong. I've noticed your posts changing from very bright presentations of fact to just downright meanness. I think an event that took place on this board a little while ago may have caused this.

    I like the debate of issues, whatever they may be. I don't like the personal attacks made right and left by just about all who frequent the board....me included.

    Can you help the demeanor of this board to straighten it up?.....you apparently have great organizational skills. You also know answers to the union questions etc. I'm addressing this to you because I think you can help in this manner and not be sucked up in any namecalling matches.

    Truce, tie?? Let's stick to the facts ........ lets face it, we'd have all flunked high school debate with the samples of posts from the past month or so. JMHO Thanks for listening.
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    The slowdowns, "informational pickets", full page ads in national newspapers and even direct letters to our (ie your) customers all are intended to drive business away from UPS by scaring customers into shipping with other companies. They are not solely targeting customers who would ship by air.

    How is that good for any of us?
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    new to me

    The only thing that I have heard is that the pilots have been working without a contract for a number of years.
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    Succinct, and to the point. Exactly right, Airman11.
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    That's the problem with listening to Teamsters that claim to know everything.

    Bottom line is that their contract doesn't expire. It merely becomes amenable.

    UPS may not want to change it in any way. That doesn't mean they don't have a contract because they do and it's still in place.

    That being said, they should be given a raise and better working conditions. They are vital to the success of the company.
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    Wondering who that would be as I don't know any Teamsters the know or claim to know everything.


    I stand corrected on the duration, I will say the terminology of amenable is just hoky (not your use of it, the term itself).

    About as accurate and/or meaninful as package car versus truck. :lol:

    Regardless, the gist is still the same, almost tow years is a long, long time to be negotiating beyond a contract date (whatever the specific terminology for the airline industry). without any visible movement towards resolution of the several significant issue unresolved.

    The types of pressure that the pilots are attempting to put on the company to resolve this stalemate seem the least damaging that could be used.

    I don't fault them for using what tools are available to try to get this contract resolved and I appreciated their support when we were in negotiations regardless of the various opinions of that issue.

    None of this says I believe it is a totally one sided disagreement.

    Just that it's very obvious which side benefits from not resolving the issue.

    Actually, the moves the pilots are making are a direct attempt to pressure the company into having a reason to resolve the contract.
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    more, it is the truth, so there is no reason for me to take it wrong.

    It is in my nature to be upbeat and I prefer that, but I have been becoming less and less positive feeling about several issues constantly presented on this board (and as you elude to a few specific incidences) and have been less reticent in pulling punches of late.

    I will pull the claws back in and try to do my part to make this a positive informative forum.
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    ok2be....As the old Bartles & Jaymes ads used to say...."Thankyou for your support!" :)
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    One of our underpaid pilots taxiied his 767 into the tail of a parked Continental 737 in Houston last week. Hope they take the cost of the repairs out of his big retro check..
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    No mention of the alleged incident in Aviation Today or Air Safety Week. Do you have a verifiable source?
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    I'm with susie on this one. Any time a plane even nudges another plane, it is all over the national news. I'm doubting this even took place.
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    I hate feeding a troll, but there are FAA preliminary reports for both aircraft.
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    Not a problem. Facts are much better than hearsay from 'unregistered'
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    "Center manager said at Fridays PCM. "Possible late late air next week
    due to pilots slowing departure times down on purpose- due to their contract negotiations or lack thereof"

    Back to your original post, be very skeptical of a center manager's information on air operations. They do have an agenda. I can also assure you that late aircraft arrivals have nothing to do with the pilots. Last week our flight leaving Lousville was 25-35 minutes late loading every night. During normal operations Hub2000 or Worldport is 15 minutes late I would expect at least 30-45 during peak.
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    Yes this did happen. However, as a professional courtesy you might want to wait until the investigation is complete before you blame the crew. Although, from the sarcasm in your post I’m sure you have already found them liable.
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    By nature unregistered posters are negative and also apparently ashamed of themselves.

    I would be in favor of requiring registering to post which is the policy of many forums as any additional accountability tends to self-moderate postings.
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    Something I can agree with ok2bc. Must be the Christmas season:biggrin:
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    Alleluia !!

    I agree too!! 'Tis the season!