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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 30andout, May 22, 2006.

  1. 30andout

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    I have been driving a 02 diesel 1000 sence it was new, automatic, power steering and only about a foot step in. Had some route changes now I get to drive a 25 year old p800, stick, manuel steer and I could use a small ladder to get in it. Am I just spoiled or should I be really pissed off????
  2. scratch

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    You should be pissed off. All the "high step" P800s should be shredded for scrap. What did you really do to get screwed like that?:wink:
  3. over9five

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    Ya, what did u do? This is obviously some kinda retaliation.
  4. 30andout

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    The center was re-looped, I was told I would be running more miles w/less stops and less bulk. I was running about 110 miles, 115 stops and about 200 pcs a day. Now I don't need a 1000 because I get about 200 mls 105 stops and 175 pcs. Nice huh!
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    Drop down about 20-25 less stops and you mirror about the workload that they used to put in my p470, and then you are back with an auto and power steering.
  6. dannyboy

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    The did that to me once, moved me out of a newer 1000 into one of the older ones, you know the ones with the first step four feet high?

    Considering that we only had two of the old ones and 20+ of the newer ones, and I was number 1 on the seniority list I filed.

    It took a while but I showed that it was just a local sup (not mine) that wanted to cause problems and get "even" with me because of several greivances that I helped file for several of his drivers.

    But during that time my knees took a beating and I am sure led up to the problems within a year later.

    I agree, they need to take all the older cars and sell them for scrap.

  7. Here it seems they give you those 70000's series p800 when you write up your pkg car or it breaks down to punish you or act as a deterent to writing up problem.
  8. dannyboy

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    Keep on writing the cars up that need it. And document the change of cars when you do. After a while that will show a pattern of abuse by the management team that you can file on. I would file it both as harrassment and under the safety language in your contract.

    When they see you can not be cowed under, they will leave you alone, fix the problems in the cars or give you one that does not have problems.

    Also, if the problem with the car is a safety issue, and they do not fix the car (we have had part time sups take red tags off cars to fill the lineups), then get with management to sign off on the issue or refuse to take it out.