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Discussion in 'UPS Airline / Gateway' started by airbusfxr, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. airbusfxr

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    I am asking that the Airline/Gateway forum be removed from the BC. Our struggle with UPS has been settled and thanks to this Forum many people saw the ugly side of the Railway Labor Act of 1929. We have acccepted what UPSCO offered, free health care, industry leading wages,full retro, max pension, 401k match, and work rule enhancements (yea right). You, as drivers and pilots, are the front line employees that actually make UPS profitable by providing the service. Please have your Stewards and Union Leaders review our contract and demand the same. The Ground Side and Pilot's contracts will take front stage and I hope both work groups also share in the success of the company. In closing, thanks for the support during our long, drawn out struggle, and we will stand by you again, as in 1997, if needed.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would have to say that, thanks to this forum, many of us here saw the self-serving, greedy side of our AMT's.

    We will be just fine in 2013, with or without your support.
  3. toonertoo

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    I will see what the rest of the team suggests, while it is always a good idea to leave threads that are informative, up, for future use.
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  4. Bubblehead

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    I am on the mobile site with my phone, so I'll have to wait till I get home to give this post the negative rep it deserves.
    These workers fought for the contract they deserved from a very profitable company.
    Greedy? Self serving?
    You just descibed your beloved company.
    If we had more Teamsters like you, we'd have less Teamsters like you.
    What an ignorant post.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We are all entitled to our opinions. I did not have an opinion on the AMT's until the 2727 thread. If I had a dollar for everytime the word "me" was used....
  6. Catatonic

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    No more ignorant than this post.
    To anyone with any sense of objectivity and intelligence, the air thread and many others shows that all sides at UPS (the company, the AMTs, the drivers, etc.) are all greedy. The only thing that differentiates these groups is th power to negotiate their greed. Part-timers are one of the groups who can't do much with their greed.
  7. rod

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    Only because they don't ban together and vote. If they would join forces they could be the controlling force at UPS but I doubt it will ever happen because the majority of them aren't in it for the long haul----or at least they haven't admitted to themselves that they are.
  8. cheryl

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    airbusfixer, Suggestions are always welcome, thank you for sharing your's.

    Sorry, but we don't think that the settlement of 2727's contract is a reason to delete the entire airline forum.

    Seems a bit like throwing out the baby, the bath water and the bathtub.
  9. toonertoo

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    The mods have decided, closing a whole forum, is not possible at this time.
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    You have allready insinuated that you would cross our(Teamster picket line) so we don't listen to anything you say. You break your contract every day by taking your lunch at home at the end of the day. You have stated you would take a paycut to keep your benifits. I sure hope your in the minority. Your a disgrace to your fellow teamsters. just my opinion.
  11. Bubblehead

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    Is it greedy to want a "fair" share of the pie?
    None of us frontline workers are getting rich from our "greedy" contract victories, yet the company enjoys record profits in lean times.
    Who's greed was it that put us out there on the open stock market?
    How many greedy managers got rich when that move was made?
    How many times did their (and your) stock split?
    Nice try, but I don't buy it.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Well-Known Member

  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Well-Known Member

    I have never hidden the fact that I am UPSer first and a Teamster by default. I do see some changes coming in 2013. I see a two-tiered wage system being discussed as well as more defined language in the contract regarding production and the use of technology in discipline. I don't know what to expect as far as our benefits but, as you said, I would be willing to accept a pay freeze in order to have UPS continue to pay for my health benefits. As far as the lunch goes, you are right in that I don't take it between the 3rd and 5th hour but I also do not take it at the end of the day. I generally take it between 1545 and 1630 or between 1700 and 1745.

    As for your last sentence, I can't see myself losing any sleep over that one.
  14. fr8dog

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    Zzzzzzzz! Scab in waiting.
  15. geneva54

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    Please dont close any threads. Now this is getting interesting!!! What is really interesting is that our new contract will be up a few months after the drivers contract expires. I wonder if this was intentional on the companies part as part of their master plan. Im sure by then we will both be fighting to keep our health insurance free.
  16. Catatonic

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    You're doing very well if you spend and invest wisely. UPS drivers are getting paid record wages and benefits.
    Board of Directors.
    Quite a few.
    I don't understand this question ... stock splits have nothing to do with the value of a stock.
    You don't have to buy it or be objective. Hopefully, you will become at peace with your greed.

    Live long and may the greed be with you!
  17. Catatonic

    Catatonic Nine Lives

    If the FT drivers were not so greedy and self-serving, they would take care of their PT brothers and sisters.
  18. satellitedriver

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    This is the exact mentality why I turned in my union card in 97'.

  19. FracusBrown

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    Call it greed, desire, want or whatever term fits.

    Everyone wants more for themselves. Its human nature.

    All those that want less feel, free to speak up.

    It's greed when someone else wants or gets more.

    It's a legitimate deserved right to the individual who wants or gets something of personal benefit.

    It's the ultimate hypocrisy.
  20. rod

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    I wouldn't call it greed. It never hurts to ask for more, in fact if you don't ask they darn sure won't give on their own. If you don't ask then Scott will be looking at an 80% raise next year instead of the paltry 70% he got the last time ----and I'm sure none of you want to see Scotts kids have to do without.