Please go to Local 2727 for upcoming strike info

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    Brothers and Sisters, Please contact your business agent and find out the latest on our contract dispute with UPS. Local 2727 met with UPSCO in Washing D.C. this week and the Mediator has set us to be released from mediation after the April talks. The 4 year contract dispute could cause a service disruption, like in 1997. The information will be coming from the IBT from Washington DC, not local union reps or business agents. Finally the UPS Management Pilots are trying to join the union pilots in their union to protect them from UPS. Have you ever heard a sup or manager say "I wish I was in the union?" Why would a sup that makes 330k a year want to join a union ? Why would a pilot manager that makes 380k a year want to join a union? Well go to the the or airlinepilotcentral and find out for yourself. Thanks for all the support from our brothers and sisters from the ground side, we will again return the favor in 2013 when UPS wants you to take a pay cut and pay for health care. We united in 1997 and will unite to keep our jobs.
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    Why? It is a UPS topic. There are lots of things that get posted here that probably shouldn't be. It is the most read forum. My guess is that if you hadn't posted anything it would not have been responded to at all. Everyone would have read it and made their own decision if they wanted to go read 2727.
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    UPState, YOU are an IBT represented worker. YOU will be locked out and handed a picket sign, LIKE I was in 1997. This is an UPS subject and very serious. We have been told to have 2 months pay put up for an extended nationwide strike. All IBT, IPA members will be Locked Out per you IBT agreement Section 1. READ IT BROTHER.
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    UPSState, even though I do not like you, I stood by you in 1997 and will again in 2013. You make 30 bucks driving a truck and it is a hard job, you have free health care because one day you might hurt your back or knees and need help. UPS will not give you help but the IBT will make sure UPS compensates you for all your dedicated service. Several mechanics have talked about you and most thought you were a low level sup by your always siding with UPS on issues. SDF is hub of the airline and we are very united, ONT, RFD, DFW, MIA, PHL, BOS, EWR,ANC mechanics are all on the same page and we are using our IBT and RLA of 1929 rights to bargain with UPS. Friend you are more involved than you think you are.
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    To be perfectly honest I am frustrated that a group numbering less than 1000 is poised to disrupt the lives of a group numbering over 200,000 in a time when the economy does not support a strike nor will public sentiment support a strike. This is not 1997 when we had public support for our work stoppage. This is also a group of employees that makes a damn good living ($43/hr straight time) who are being offered small pay raises while also being asked to begin paying for a portion of their healthcare costs which I don't think is too much to ask. You guys are not being realistic.

    airbus, I don't like you either but that has no bearing on my opinion. As for you and the boys talking about me, I couldn't care less. I didn't support the strike in '97 and I won't support one now. I worked construction the 10 days that we were out. I made $253 for 46 of the hardest hours I had worked in a long time. My boss on that job asked me how much I would have made had I worked those hours at UPS and my answer floored him.

    We are all well compensated for what we do. At what point is it enough?
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    Cross the picket line and deliver no packages. I am not the one wanting a strike, it is UPS. I DO NOT WANT TO STRIKE, but the Union has no choice. I am just giving you info to make sure you have put back money for emergency funds. During a strike/lockout ups will not pay you a wage. Sorry I am not making the choices by UPS but I am an union member and that is the bottom line. Friend UPS will pay you about 18 bucks in 2013 and then you will still pay for health care, I cant wait for you to ask pilots and mechanics to help you. The problem is that WE WILL and not whine.
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    Upstate its all about you. me I me me me me me
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    I am not your friend. I am also not whining. I just happen to be a bit more realistic than you appear to be.

    We will be at $32+/hr plus benefits by 2013. This is for a job that doesn't even require a HS diploma.

    I believe that the mechanics should be fairly compensated for the work that they do and the training that they have received and continue to receive to do their jobs. I have worked on a flightline before and have some feel for what you guys do out there. But, at what point is it enough? At what point will you feel that you are fairly compensated? I would think $43/hr would be awfully close to that point.

    This could very well be a strike that the company does not recover from.
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    Are you going to pay my bills, put food on my table, pay for my daughter's wedding? Your damn right it's about me.
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    Yes, in 2013 your high school education will get you 18 bucks and hour here. If not UPS will run you off. Oh ok the IBT will protect your job and wages. Dude I am just telling you what is coming up, UPS might come back with another last and final and I hope they do.
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    As do I. You guys also need to be realistic in your demands.
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    Then quit and go to FDX there is no threat of work stoppage there. Go to USPS or DHL no threat of company intimidation. The IBT is protecting our wages and benefits, get over it friend we are all in this together. Oh just put on a tie like everyone already thinks your a sup anyway.
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    You can lose the stupid comments. I am trying to have a conversation with you on a subject that we don't agree on. Your group is about to make a decision which I have no input on yet may very well be affected by and I am just supposed to blindly agree with your decision because we are all in this together? I do realize that the roles were reversed in '97 and, if I were you in your shoes then, I would have felt the same way that I do today. Your group needs to look at the big picture and realize that your decision affects not only yourselves but 200,000 other employees and their families.

    I do hope that this issue is resolved and that a work stoppage is not necessary. I do hope that your group is offered and accepts a reasonable contract so that we can all keep working. Dave.

    (I'm done for now--I have to go tear the carpet out of the basement)
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    I heard a story about another union going through negotiations right now and threatening to strike on MPR the other night. Several labor relations people were interviewed and they pretty much agreed that no matter how "right" the union is in its demands that cause it to strike, during todays economy, public sentiment will side with the company. From a public relations point of view, the worst thing the mechanics could do right now, is call a strike.

    I completely understand that calling a strike is valid and the company has been being knuckleheads at the negotiating table. In today's economy, no one will see that. Here is what they will see, "A bunch of ungrateful bastards that are not happy that they have secure jobs."

    Don't shoot the messenger.
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    Alright we should all start making 15 bucks an hour and how about our ot is 15 bucks also ups profits can go through the roof all the fat cats can triple there income and i'm sure you would like to take that like a man and pay for your beautiful daughters wedding.
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    the big picture is the company makes alot of $....if you give up raises next contract-and pay for healthcare-and a pay freeze ...all these little things ADD UP ....there is no need to go backwards....WE need to stay strong....dont know if you realize it --but the job is hard and getting harder---it used to be : go out and deliver......... now you have to deliver,get leads,make mgmt decisions,dont get hurt,agklm,wedlm,look lrl,count 123,yard control,everyday NOW we are asked to do more----when will YOU finally stop bending over and saying enough is enough---and stop dropping off a pkg on way home--and take lunch between 12-3....YOU must question EVERYTHING.....yes we are paid well....but we do alot also....lets keep going forward ----not backward--my BILLS never go backwards or stay same....try asking NYSEG or your other bills to lower their rate---aint gonna happen
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    As far as I know, no one is proposing you make $15 per hour. People are jumping to conclusions without even knowing what each side is proposing.

    When you say that the money would go to "fat cats", that is not true. The shareowners have not seen growth in their investment. This is where the difference would go. Shareowners are not generally fat cats. There are a bilion shares outstanding with the majority not owned by ups management.

    By the way, you are a shareowner in some respect in other companies. You may have personal investments in the stock market. At a minimum your pension is invested in the stock market (at least a portion) is it not?? Don't you want your pension fund to grow?

    I assume you would want your own money invested in companies that care about stock growth? UPS shareowners should expect the same consideration.

    I honestly do not know the situation for the airline mechanics. I assume you do not either. I am personally going to hold off an opinion until I hear facts.

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    And shareowners feel the same way. Why should they go backward?

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    Pro, you guys and gals do a great job, UPS wants everyone to work hard and like you said we will be paying them to provide for our customers, internal and external. NO ONE wants to strike but since 2005 We have been waiting on a contract and UPS has made Billions and we have moved aircraft around the world full of packages on both ends. WE are all in this together and I do hate the be the bearer of bad news but facts are facts. The NDA and Int volume is UPS's top money maker and we all make this happen, why UPS would let us go 5 years without an contract enhancement is their path under the RLA of 1929. This Labor law should be repealed and we should all work under the same laws but heck UPS even dumped millions to expand this law to our competition. Again I hate to bring bad news but this is where we are and nothing can be done at any level except the TOP.