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    Friends, next week on and, the company will post the "last and final" contract offer to members of Local2727. The contract enhancements, and I use that term loosely, has us taking a pay cut along with paying for health care and losing our 401k match. The company will not teminate us if we report them to the FAA for a violation under our "oath to safety before service commitment". The retro pay will be a signing bonus and does not come close to what we are owed for providing service since our contract has been expired. I am asking everyone to read the "last and final offer" and look at it from both sides. There is a copy of the letter on another forum and I cannot understand why the company is making it public going over our E-Board. We have voted 90% to strike if the company cannot provide us with fair wages for a fair days work. The NDA and Int products have made money to support the companies other businesses that have performed below profitable margins. In closing, I just want everyone to read and understand what the company is asking the smallest number work group that provides the largest profit percentage, to accept for their service commitements that provide worldwide service.
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    I will read the offer with an objective mind and will post my thoughts accordingly.
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    the smallest number work group that provides the largest profit percentage, to accept for their service commitements that provide worldwide service.

    Airbus, everyone in every operation is nessary for the profit, the planes dont leave the ground without you, they dont get where theyre going without the pilots, they fly empty without gs crews and sorts, who dont have anything to sort without drivers and sales.
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    Was that Drew that said that??? Well said. I think your self-imposed exile softened you up a bit. jk
  5. What are you kidding me? I've been reading for months about how only the aircraft mechanics do anything at UPS that is worthwhile. This Airbus clown has been spouting about how they bring all the profit in, they make the brown machine move, they are the smallest group responsible for the greatest amount of profit. Drewed is obviously correct, but Airbus doesn't "Honestly" see that. He must have 1000 posts stating "I will not take a pay cut" in terms of contributing to their health care.
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    Make it 1001, 90% of the membership is willing to accept only an industry leading contract. UPS can pay for aircraft maintenace. IF NOT they would have announced a cut in aircraft maintenace management but Davis will keep our overstaffed AGB and Line Mx sups till he can get a control of the ground side. Dont think that after he fixes the ground side that the get the airline in order.
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    Good luck in your quest. We are all cogs needed to make the wheel spin. Each one important in it's own way. Oh by the way, I did work at UPS when we had no air service. Point being every one is expendable.
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    I thank that you should be thankfully that you guys ever had 401K match. How ever as far as your view that the mechanics are the most important part of UPS, what about package car mechanics. Are they not an important part of UPS, what about the maintenance people inside the buildings. Are they not important? I think it would do you some good if you realized that there is a lot of UPS out side of Kentucky.
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    Yes everyone that punches a clock is valuable to the company. The only workgroup that does not have a contract is the aircraft mechanics. In '97 we walked out the door and some were told "you have a contract you better not leave". We are not only in Kentucky, we are all over the US and PR, and if we are tricked into paying for Health Care, do you think you will be exempt in 2013. I had a Div Mgr tell me "Just pay a little for health care, UPS wants the drivers to pay in '13 and it will be high premiums, we will only charge you 165 a month". None of you have to support 930 aircraft mechanics, but like in '97 the mechanics and pilots will support your Master Agreement by walking out again.
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    i want my 401k match back too! and my raise from last year. and someone to pay my health insurance.

    damn, my job sucks.
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    Taking a pay cut - thankfully this has not happened to me. No raise last year but my taxes, gas, and food went up.

    Pay for health care - Every job I've ever worked that had benefits required paying in. Each year the pay in amount goes up while the benefits go down.

    401K Match - that went the way of the dodo last year.

    I honestly and sincerely wish you the best of luck in negations. Everyone should fight like he** to get everything they can.

    Please understand people on the outside might not see these changes as badly as you view them. I know you won't like this response; I'm just expressing my honest opinion.
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    Ditto. Realize you are fighting an uphill battle when you are making more than almost all of the other work groups, working less hours, and receiving better benefits.

    Good luck on getting whatever you guys can, just dont expect the peasants in the trenches making less AND paying for health-care to support you.
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    Like I said in '97 we had a fair contract and was walking a picket line against a company we had no beef with. Just think about the pilots, those guys risked everything for each and every part time sorter in the hub. FDX and SWA AMTs are ahead us in pay and with the latest proposal the company will tell you "the mechanics arent the highest paid anymore, you wont be either". Dont worry we are only expecting the IBT Int to support us and if you cross then you can be labeled a scab the rest of your career. The point is we are not wanting to strike UPS but letting the profits roll into the owners pockets and then laying us off, firing us, taking away work, forcing ot, creating an unworkable enviroment is not productive. What we have here is a failure to communicate. The fact is that UPS is asking us to take a pay cut after paying for health care and more out of pocket at the office, lose 4 years of retro for a small signing bonus, give more work away, and change work rules so they have more control (in their minds). Dont worry we will take care of our brother and sisters as we always have, just remember in 2013 when you come running asking the pilots and mechanics to shut down the airline because mean ole ups is picking on the you. The thing about is that we will HONOR YOUR LINES and man the pickets with you. My last thought will be "You make enough driving a truck", "you can pay for health care they tried to make me do it", "you can take less to mgt get more", but you know what, I could never say that.
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    Friend I am in the trenchs, working less hours inside and changes engines in 15 degree weather forced OT. What do you think I should make per hour? Each work group has a pay scale depending on education and skill.
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    Honestly? Whatever you can get. However, realize that its going to be limited by what the rest of the industry doing your job makes.

    Again, I wish you guys luck. EVERYONE should be compensated, at least within standard industry wage range, for what they do. UPS is currently losing a ton of talented people (Likely myself too depending on how my interview goes next week) because they haven't yet realized that. Fortunately for you guys, you have a union.

    Good luck :)
  17. .

    Two points:
    1. Since you have a history of taking one little pieceof someone's post, allow me the same right... So now, you're saying that you're smarter than everyone in the Company that makes less than you??

    2. Since you think that you are so much smarter than everyone, why did you overlook that working on airplanes is usually something done at night, on the weekends and holidays and it sometimes gets cold in the winter?
    Where's all this education. Were you not trailer-schooled properly?

    One last thing, I love the pathetic tone of how you supported the 97 strike and now you come off as such a nice guy just looking to be "understood". I wonder if part of the reason you wqorked without a contract for 4 years is due, in part, to your side not knowing how to negotiate in good faith? It gets to Mediation and then your chastised by the Mediator for the tantrums that were thrown.
    Looking forward to more whinings looking for support.
    You have yet to provide anything with creditability regarding th pay scales of SWA and FDX.
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    Airbus I will stand with you!! Do not accept any thing that is a cut in wage or benefits. This company has made alot of money for alot of people off the sweat of the people like you!! It is only fair that the fat cats share the wealth a little bit. Take 20% away from Scott Davis and give it to the Mechanics!!!!
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    how often is it 15 degrees in lousiville?
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    This company is still making money hand over fist.
    I'm tired of hearing anything to the contrary.
    Accept no concessions.
    We've got your back.