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I was looking at the members list here in the brown cafe`(now up to 1360 members)and it got me wondering why more people dont post thier thoughts in here.I bet a third of them got fired,and another third have expired.Out of the rest of us half are either too tired after work,or are way too busy.I wish more of you would log into the chat after you get settled in at home.Its a good way to vent,and you learn a lot too.
So if you stumble in and read a few threads,log in if you feel like getting some things off your chest.:wink:


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"I think" the message board format is an excellent opportunity for us to not only vent, but to institute positive changes in both the company and the I the only freak when traveling that introduces themselves to other upsers.........there is also strength in #'s.... knowing the rest of you are being messed with makes me feel like part of the team......funniest thing that happened this week....... fri. we had late air, kept a min. # of part-timers to unload......mostly mgt. from the entire bldg. are used to sort the belt/make meets, the sup. came up to the air dock where we were unloading/spa-ing and said....."don't unload so fast, we can't keep up on the belts"............ I'll be sure to remind him of that on mon.......