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    im being moved to the Pre-Load and i have a few questions.

    1. "Report any conditions requiring attention on the DEC R"
    -what is the DEC R?

    2. "Inspect under all metro gathering conveyors, vestibule, MDC and PDC units"
    -what are MDC and PDC units?

    3. it says in the booklet that my sup gave me, only to load over 70's on the floor in the rear of the truck, but when i have worked in the Pre-Load in the past, i was told and showed to load them only on the floor(anywhere). am i allowed to load them on the floor in the front of the truck(not in the cab, of course)? what about long over 70's, like heavy carpet rolls?

    4. when i take the pre-load test, what kind of questions should i expect?

    thank you.
  2. just as some friendly advice you should probably post this in the UPS discussions category for more views, that being said

    1. DECR is the daily equipment condition report, if something you use on your shift or something you are near, is not working for functioning properly thats how you make sure it gets taken car of

    2. In our hub PDCs (usually attached to trailer docks) and MDCs are temporary structures used to dock package cars to so they may be loaded (belt to car method). Which is opposed to belts or boxlines within the hub itself. Most often these are used during peak or if your hub is outgrowing itself (like mine).

    3. over 70s belong on the floor as close to the back of the package car as possible. If you have carpet rolls I put them down the middle, but obviously should be on the floor. All longs should be on the floor, bulk or otherwise, most drivers HATE longs loaded on the shelves

    4. I'm not sure I follow you here, the preload doesn't have a test that I'm aware of (unless I'm misunderstanding you). There is a test for sorters but I'm not sure if that applied to the Preload, I'm pretty sure that applies to the other shifts that have many more zips to remember as the preload doesn't use nearly as many belts normally. Now that we have PAS (both a blessing and a terrible curse) sorting is effortless really...loading...a little less so, but you'll find out.

    If you have any other questions ask your supervisor, if they are no help (sometimes this is the case) ask their supervisor. Eventually someone will be able to give you some answers, and of course this place is great for answers as well. :thumbup1:
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    Pretty Impressive Worcester!
  4. thanks:)

    I pay attention to my surroundings and try to be pretty knowledgeable of my hub. Figure I'm safer that way and/or easier to be effective in it's operation. Its important for new hires to know the hub too because often times you're told to go "here" and you're like where the hell is that?!?! :w00t:

    I remember the first time they told me to go to the slide and i was like HUH?! (even though it was right behind the boxline from where I was). Things like that new hires often don't know. Not calling them stupid its just they're new and theres a LOT to take in when you're new.

    Centers may be a different story but most hubs are rather large.