Preventable Injuries and/or Preventable Accidents


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What an easy way to "reduce" your injury rate and save money. Blame your employees for almost every injury and then make it a performance category on their review so they will have an incentive to keep working while hurt. While the idea of actually making the workplace safer is great, twisting the goal around so it makes essentially all injuries "preventable" is perverse and just plain wrong. The same corporate philosophy applies to vehicle accidents. Just always blame the employee and watch the "accident rate" drop like a stone. After lsitening-in on a few conference calls where injuries or accidents were the topic, it's pretty clear that management places a target on your back if you get hurt or have an accident. What a great company. By the way, Scott Mungo(head of safety) are a maroon. And that genie :happy-very:costume is way gay buddy.


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I can't wait to see what review brings me.. Should be interesting to say the least.
Luckily I wouldn't call this a career.. I don't know how the guys I work with do it.
they have 4-5 kids each, and think $15-16/hr is wonderful...