Pro Flowers


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We went from Omaha steaks and flower packed ULDs , to mere scraps

1800, pro, and one or two more used to dominate our network. FTD.

now it’s all amazon garbage. Easily 80/20.
Amazon just two years back was only 30% of our volume.
This worries me.

We need to diversify a lot more.


double tap o da horn dooshbag
Instructions here are : You Dr those flowers, it doesn't matter if is on the side walk just don't send again them.

We followed that & we still lost the account... quite a few also had bad addresses when I was delivering them.

Teeth and a warning not to do it again



Oh... never mind


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Probably about 10 years ago,every Valentines was a :censored2: show.. I was a clerk at the time,so many flower boxes,yet Big Brown would not put enough people on the slides and sort aisles. We must have destroyed 1 out 10, and that is a conservative estimate

Heavy Package

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Did ups lose the pro flowers contract cause i haven't seen that many around this time of the yr?

Yes, we lost ProFlowers due to the Union negotiating the best contract ever. The price increases that UPS has to pass on to these companies to pay us such an inflated hourly rate and benefits package is causing many shippers to look elsewhere.