profits to management!! WHY??

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    "We believe that people do their best when they feel pride in their contributions, when they are treated with dignity, and when their talents are encouraged to flourish"

    I guess that is why there are oh so many problems. While this comes out of the mouth of upper mangement, their actions dont match the words. And while corporate management would not admit responsibility for the declining moral, the processes and demands they make have contributed to the feeling that we are no longer a critical part of the business, but instead something disposable and replaceable.

    Sorry, but that seems to be the route this company has taken.

    As for the growing of the business, while you might not want to see more packages on your truck personally, it is your duty, both morally and contractually to in any way possible "further the intrests of the employer".

    So as a driver and a shop steward shame on you for the sorry attitude. Just be glad that the ones that came before you didnt feel that way.

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    "Is it because of lost volume,Tie Guy? I doubt it! Is it because Pas has come to D.C. nad northern Va? Again the volume is NOT down..."

    It appears you have me confused with another poster. I have not been saying that volume is down. In fact I'm sure its up and contributing to some of the problems you folks are speaking of.
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    The volume is not down here either.
    Our Division Manager calls our center everyday to tell the boss how many runs they will have due to the information on the projections.
    It does not matter how much really comes in or if mall runs blow out and have to two trip.
    This building has almost every load spot filled with a car every day, yet we do not have enough runs and most drivers are out very late.
    The last time we grew this big we split the center and 50 % of our runs went to another building 35 miles away-yet there is no place now to put the volume if we did split.
    The surrounding centers are in the same position, yet IE has not yet built another facility to handle the load.
    The drivers are tired of this, local supervision is caught in the middle and no one can solve the problem.
    Central Florida has exploded in growth, and it seems that UPS has been caught with their pants down.

    And they still want more sales leads???????
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    The volume growth is a direct reflection of what we were not able to do in December----and Wall Sreet and our friends at Fed Ex (who claimed that they took significant Market Share away from us) indicated that we were losing Market share and did not meet analyst expectations---which hurt us in the price of our stock. The new volume---or increase in volume, is here to stay--we can't afford to have another bad quarter.

    So here is the drawback-----we want additional volume, but our hubs are running to capacity and we can't spend Capital Expense to build new facilities---because we have to control our costs---to show a profit equal to or greater than Wall Street is expecting!!!

    Regarding the mandatory lunch---is it a California State law that says one has to be taken??
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    Is anyone aware that while we are suffering thru cost cutting, Eskew and the big boys are being "AWARDED" big amounts of stock? I don't mean they are buying at reduced prices, but being given these shares. I track UPS on and you can see insider trading because the SEC requires them to post it. This year on 05/09/05 Mike Eskew was awarded 34,993 and 14,226 shares.Awarded=given. Those shares alone will earn him more in dividins in a year than most drivers will make that same year. We are doing cost cutting at the bottom while the top just keeps getting richer. Many many drivers are no longer supporting the United Way through UPS. They feel this may be a way to get the Co. attention. I don't know. Something must change and I think it won't untill the top changes. Only time will tell...........................}
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    <font color="0000ff">"So here is the drawback-----we want additional volume, but our hubs are running to capacity and we can't spend Capital Expense to build new facilities---because we have to control our costs---to show a profit equal to or greater than Wall Street is expecting!!! "

    </font><font color="000000">Again, you show you don't know what you are talking about. Capital expenditures (you are correct here, they include buildings, as well as vehicles and planes) do NOT, read it again, do NOT lessen profits in any way, or affect "the bottom line" in any way. Capital expenditures are made WITH the profits. The higher the profit a company has, the MORE they can spend on buildings, vehicles and planes.
    Get an education. Then post, please.</font>
  7. moreluck

    moreluck Guest's a shame you are so jealous. You too can be given stock. My hubby was given stock. The exchange was working 14-16 hrs a day, unlimited amounts of pressure, uprooting &amp; moving your family all across the country and away from extended family (ie. grandparents), perhaps 4 or 5 or more times. It's a high price to pay for that FREE STOCK.

    You go ahead and jump into mgmt. and you can have it too. If you don't want it, then quit griping about a compensation for folks who work their butts off, dedicated themselves to a company with character and make a lifelong career at UPS. It's not for everyone.
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    In the past (I assume your hubby is retired), one could go into management with the reasonable expectation to retire a millionaire at a relatively young age. The sacrifices paid off, so to speak. The same no longer holds true.
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    What, pray tell, are the profits being used for? Don't tell me the recent expansion; UPS had enough cash on hand before the IPO to make those purchases.

    Seriously, I think one of the reasons hourly are so upset is because UPS is not re-investing in the core business at what appears to be a reasonable rate. There are an awful lot of P5's and 6's out there being squeezed into overcrowded buildings. Before I left the company, my route was loaded outside for the last 15 years, along with 20 others. This was in a large (million+) metro area that has real winters.

    Hard to bear good fruit if the trunk is decaying.
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    FEguy, I'm not sure you know what you're talking about. The last time I went to school, profit=revenue-expenses. Any expense reduces profit. We are reminded at least once a week to cut costs. Heck, I even get emails from VPs to sign up for electronic proxy and paychecks. Wall Street is looking for constant growth in revenue and profit. The only way profit grows is to maintain our current expense level while increasing revenue.
    That being said, UPS will need to start spending more on capital expenditures on the hub level very soon. We are spending ALOT on the air and air infrastructure, as well as, Europe and Asia. Hopefully, UPS will budget to upgrade the domestic side as well.

    moreluck- thanks for the post. I like my MIP, but I'd make more if I were paid overtime! As for Eskew, compare his salary to other S+P 100 companies. It's equal if not less. And he doesn't get a corporate jet either. As I have said previously, it's a personal decision. There's many drivers that would make great managers, and there are many managers who would make great drivers. It all depends on what you want to do.
  11. moreluck

    moreluck Guest mention of retiring a millionaire.....I was addressing ddomino on his being soooo upset that stock is 'given' to mgmt.
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    I don't see where I said your hubby retired a millionaire, just a 'reasonable expectation' for management to do so in the past. Those days are gone.
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    I never cared how much management folks are paid or how much stock they receive. The average delivery supervisor, center manager, or division manager doesn't make enough IMO. I'm sure we have some fat cats that do little to earn what they are paid. I don't think most of the guys I mentioned above fall into that category.
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    Ddomino wasn't sooo upset about management getting free stock. We all know that they do. He was upset about Eskew making a KILLING on free stock while they nickle and dime the front line by cutting routes etc. Talk about a company in turmoil. Eskew needs the boot.
    And your right. Management is not for everyone. I feel soooo bad for anyone who puts his family last by uprooting them to move across the country.
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    air_upser: Get a clue. Buildings, planes, vehicles, and other capital expenditures are NOT, yes, READ IT AGAIN, are NOT expenses.
    They are bought and paid for WITH profits, they do not reduce profits in any way. Expenses are things like wages, rent, utilities and fuel. And yes, before you get spittle all over you, there is a huge difference between expenses and capital expenditures. Expenses must be paid for regardless of whether a profit is posted, capital expenditures do not get bought without them, unless the company is borrowing money, and lots of it. UPS isn't.
    It appears you don't understand how a corporation works, how business itself works, anything about accounting or finance, profit or loss. No, you don't need to know anything about those things to post here, as a matter of fact, it is good humor that you do.
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    moreluck, until you walk a day in my shoes as a driver, keep your ignorant mouth closed. You have NO CLUE.
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    What I would like to say is that it does not always have to be the way it is now. There are companies out there that treat their people with respect and pay them very well. We have quarterly safety reconition meetings in our shop area. They serve day old bagels or pre-packaged donuts. They always have some new suit to pat on the back, or some stupid skit that the boy scouts would fell foolish doing. Other companies do this but have it catered with good food. When there is a mandatory meeting and the company serves slop, that make us pigs. When there is a meeting of mgmt do you think they get slop? Treat others the way you want to be treated. I come to work for the same reason every one does........THE MONEY....I don't care how dedicated any person is, mgmt or hourly, if the paycheck bounced they are not going to keep working for brown and no green, from Eskew down to the contractor who cleans the toilet. There is no reason we sould be asked to tighten up and it not go all the way to the top. 2008 is going to be a very long year.
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    do you think your husband is the only one working long hours? When he applied for mgmt he was asked about relocating. There should be no suprise. He could have said no! He (or the two of you) made those decisions. I have never put UPS above my family. Before they stole 5.8 seconds or about $5,000.00 per driver, I was home nearly every night to have dinner with my family. Since then I don't get home till my young children are in bed. I don't have a choice anymore. This job is now my career. If I can make thing better by speaking up or speaking out, then that is what I will do.
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    "keep your ignorant mouth closed."

    Gosh speeddemon, that's pretty brutal. I thought this forum was a place of free speech, expressing ideas and responding to others. You're right I am not a driver, never been a driver and never will be a driver......but that doesn't make me ignorant.
    I never was employed by UPS, but I sure as hell lived every aspect of it for over 28 yrs. As the heading states on this site, "for employees, retirees and shareowners", I DO belong.
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    domino, the cuts are not directed to you or to hourly employees, they are directed to all UPSers. We do not get lavish food at our meetings, in fact, we buy our own because it's easier than getting a donuts purchased justified. As I have said before, our mangement committee does not have their own corporate jets. GE and Yum brands do. We are only 1 of 3 companies that have AAA credit rating. Are you overworked? Probably. In 2008 maybe you can ask for less hours and give us some flexibility in hiring and practices (let me help!).