PT Sup switching from Preload to Twilight/Local sort (nights) questions...

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    I am currently a PT Supervisor working the preload. Off peak start time is around 4:00 on the belts and we are done and out of the building by 9 usually. I would like to make the switch to the twilight/night local sort and was wondering what kind of hours I would be working, start time/end time, hours during peak season etc. The reason I ask is because I will be going back to school this semeste and my classes are afternoon classes between 12 and 4. Also is there anything I need to do to be eligible to switch sorts or do I just submit a letter to HR ?
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    I would think your supervisor would have all of the answers that you are looking for--I would start there. If that person cannot help, talk to your center manager.
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    should of asked all those questions before you left hte union.

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    ttt ?