PT Supervisor Pay for NewYear Eve 12/31/2011

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  1. egorj26

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    What paycode did PT SupervisorS or Full Time Specialist use on December 31, 2011? Did you use pay code 05(pay actual) or pay code 32(holiday pay)?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    My advise is to look at this carefully and draw it out on paper and show to your Center manager.
    You are suppose to work 5 days in a week.
    If Monday was a Holiday = 1
    if you worked Tues - Fri = 4
    If you worked NYE = 1
    Total = 6

    I believe you should code it as 05 and get paid for working the extra hours on NYE.
    If you code it as a Holiday - you are indicating you did not work.
    You may need to take a day off this week or next and code that as Holiday pay.
    Don't get screwed out of your day off or at least get paid for it.