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  1. Has anyone been told to put lunches and breaks in their timecards even if they weren't taking them and just adjusting their start/finish time to make sure that they were at least properly compensated for working the hours? This has been common practice in our building, just seeing if this is a company wide thing/issue or just a local thing.

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  2. PS I understand this is wrong and probably illegal but just curious about this issue.

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  3. BigBrownDream

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    It probably is a company wide issue. We've been doing it for a couple of years now. We were told it had to do something with the law, that we had to show lunches and breaks. Putting the breaks in PTRS will not affect your pay, since we are paid for the breaks anyway. However, putting in the non-work/lunch option will affect your check since we are not paid for lunches.
    If you are required to put a lunch in, although we know you don't get to take one, put the lunch in at the end of you shift. For example, if you finish your day and leave at 10 am, then put your lunch code in from 10-10:30 and put your finish time at 10:30. This way you show your required lunch and you are actually getting paid for your entire work day.
  4. Never thought to do it that way

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  5. Jackburton

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    Funny how if a driver did this they'd be fired.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    DOT regulations are different from anticipated management labor laws.
  7. elo

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    We got an email from our district manager about this last week. I take full advantage of any down time I have. Like now. Waiting on one driver no pu pcs & then I can finish my reports.

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