Public is definitely noticing..

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    With stops per car at a all time high, packages per truck at an all time high, and managements whining at an all time high, its only a matter of time before "social justice warriors" take notice. I have had a couple customers in my loop ask for corporates number. Had a couple call the center. Sure MOST of the public can't see how packed the trucks are, but people who get bulk, and dock stops are starting to wonder why I have 5-6 packages falling out of the truck everyday and how it relates to there damaged boxes. If the company honestly thinks the public would lean towards their side, they are about as wrong as the huff post on election day. Most know how hard we work, not the typical union worker. I hope the corporate is ready and has their Browns ironed.
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  2. Its like that at every place, not just Brown

    If you seen how your food was handled at a lot of restaurants, you would never eat there again.
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    I tell my customers when the ask, whstdoes the inside of the truck look like?

    Have you ever seen a cartoon with a closet when the open it everything falls on them? Thats my truck!
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    Wanting safe working conditions doesn’t make someone a “social justice warrior.” I’ve had many people make similar comments when I pop open the back door and the 130 degree air flows out of the bricked out cargo and hits them in the face.
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    The public doesn't give a crapola. They just want their stuff. Dump and go!
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    Lol! The Poor drivers making 100K+ a year with amazing benefits. I'm
    Sure everyone will feel bad for them
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  9. HI Dave
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    Howdy @UpstateNYUPSer
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    Wdfd....have the average person go out on a route for a week and try it... probably wouldn’t last a full day...
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    Hi buddy...
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    I’m in end of 1st year of progression... only $25,500 gross so far this year. Over half the year has been 52-58hr weeks including all the ‘mandatory’ local sort assistance, even on days not driving due to ‘staffing issues’, and Saturday air. That comes to $17.85/hr average.

    Many businesses comment on the work load of UPS vs the FedEx drivers they see. 2 businesses on the route I frequenly cover have switched to UPS almost exclusively because of issues with FedEx employee attitudes and dealing with inconsistancies of time and not coming to correct delivery/pickup areas.
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    We just need larger trucks.

    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    Or more drivers.
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    A few residential customers along the routes I cover often have been complaining about how late their packages are showing up. Especially the ones who have dogs, even though I don’t knock on their door they always hear me at the front door and start barking. The whole family gets to wake up at 9:45pm for a pair of sneakers.
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    More like 70k/year (for a top rate driver) Uncle Sam takes 30%.
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    Stop crying to your customers you big baby