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    With how horrible of a turn our work environments have become, I'm wondering if Anyone works at a station not full of :censored2: off employees?
    Or has the sun already set on the last? (goldilocks or FE4L stations I imagine)


    I am still amazed at the kool aid drinkers and the blinders they have on. Almost makes me feel bad for them....almost. On the flip side, the number of people asking questions is increasing, but too little too late.
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    Why in the world would you continue to hate me. I am in this with you buddy. And dont forget that. I just try to handle things a little different than you do. How long have you been with Fedex? Do you know how many changes within Fedex that have touched my families life? Like I said, I just handle things in a different manner than you...Time for you to grow some COJONES GRANDE and do something about your frustration.
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    I'm just trying some humor goldi, I don't hate you at all.
    I've seen 3 presidents since I started, that's all the demo's I give out..
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    Thats ok! Remember, I am a courier too and going thru the same stuff you are....5 Presidents here. But I'm still Hot....lol.....
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    There are people at all stations that are disgruntled. That's not mysterious Fedex conspiracy. That's life. There are a few at my station but generally they are happy at my station.
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    My eyes! My ears!
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