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    Our center manager's our going around with documents that have a big 'MEMO' across the top telling any driver that gets in after 9.5 to sign it. This 'memo' states that you did not follow instructions by coming in over 9.5. There is no other information on this form nor are you allowed any 'excuses', i.e. too much work, traffic, bulk etc.
    We've been told that this is an informal warning leading to formal procedures if we do not start following instructions and punch out before we hit 9.5. Do we have any recourse on this? I've had 4 now and have been told that I will be suspended soon, but the only way I can make the numbers with the amount of work I have is to skip lunch. Our BA said that they can fire us for this but that we'd get our job back.
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    1 Dont sign it,tell them to write RTS (refused to sign)
    2 Ask them the correct procedure for getting you in under 9.5... What time should I call so they can get me help. Can you please adjust my dispatch. Strait out ask them in front of a union rep if they are asking you to skip break!
    3 Call every time there is any chance of you not making it in under 9.5
    4 Inform your steward of the situation
    5 If the supervisors won't get you help, you have covered your behind. They shouldn't be able to disipline you.
    6 Keep a log of your own stating when you called and who you talked to
    7 If they continue to harrass you after you ask them to lower your dispatch and call for help every time...just try to ignore them. They are full of it. They can't fire you if you do everything they say to avoid going over 9.5
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    look at your dispatch (truck) in the morning, if it's heavy or over 9.5 tell the idiot mgt right then & there to take work off of you. This is BS & intimidation!
    Later in the day if you see you are gonna have +9.5 ODS the idiots constantly telling them you will be over 9.5 until you get a difinitve answer. LEAVE THE BALL IN THEIR COURT. Remember to ask the idiots this question, "I AM OVERDISPATCHED, DO YOU WANT ME TO WORK OVER 9.5 OR MISS PACKAGES".

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    Don't sign anything but your PAYCHECK or DOT required paperwork !!!
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    We've been told by shop stewards to sign the paperwork and just note any disagreements. They started threatening people with further action if the papers weren't signed so the BA said it was easier to just have people sign.
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    Sounds like you have the dumbest BA on earth
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    They must be a lot more relaxed around here. There was not one day this past week that I came in under 11.5. In fact one day I did 12:02 and have not heard a word about it.
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    There has been a big push lately for everyone getting in by 9.5 in a lot of districts. It's one of the (few) ways UPS can control their costs, threatening and intimidating drivers about overtime. Except it doesn't work on most of us who are informed about our rights and those of us who aren't afraid to make waves. Your local is corrupt and I suggest you vote them out ASAP, nobody should be telling you to sign stuff like that.

    I hope tons of managers and supervisors read the OP's post, this is why I never want to hear a paper-pusher talking about integrity or honesty. You people wouldn't know integrity if it beat you over the head with a two-by-four. This isn't a rarity at UPS, it's the rule and everyone here knows it. Do you see horns on your head when you look in the mirror every morning?

    My advice, since I have been through this here already, is to do everything by the book. Regardless if it keeps you out over 9.5, take your lunch and breaks, don't cut corners and welcome any management to come OJS you. Also remind your local BA that you pay his salary indirectly, ask him if this is what you're paying for every month. Ask him if he wants your vote come next election, ask him why he allows UPS management to blatantly harass you and others. Notify all other drivers about what the BA is saying too, people like this need to be voted out immediately.

    Bottom line, they can't fire you for going over 9.5 on paper. They are all talk and have zero muscle to back it up. I stayed out even later when they started this with me, amazingly I never heard about it again.
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    What is BA, DOT, and trace?
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    Business Agent (Teamsters Official) -- A guy who gets paid $100-110k a year to prevent things like this from happening.

    DOT -- Department of Transportation.
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    First off your B.A. isn't giving you good info. Article 6 of the master language says management can NOT force you into an extra contract agreement i.e. signing a paper forcing you to make 9/5. They did the same thing in our center, and alot of drivers asked me if they should sign it. I told them no, they don't have to. Some did, but when the sup came up to me and handed me the paper I read it right in front of her and said I can't sign this because I need to talk to the center manager first. The next day i walked up to the center manager and told him that I could not do what is listed on this paper and make 9/5. He took the paper, looked at it and ripped it up right in front of me. I later heard that he ripped the sup for even giving me the paper. It proves that if they know they can manipulate you they will..... DON'T LET IT HAPPEN, stand up for yourself, you have rights....use them. If you have a chief steward, or another driver who is knowledgeable with the contract talk to them.

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    They use to be stricter about being over9.5 here in Ct. Lately, as long as you don't have any air or pickup pieces in your car, they could care less how long you're out there. They'd rather send 5 drivers to make air/pickup meets then spend the money and put another route in

    Thanks management
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    Get this! If I come in at 6:55, which is 9.5 for me, and I'm one click past (6:56) they tell me to wait until 7:01 to punch out. Someone up the ladder goes Chernobyl if you are under five minutes over 9.5. I'm presuming it's because they figure you could have punched out under.

    This great company (and I really believe that) puts so much effort into cutting costs (and rightfully so), and they require me to go change and wash up on the clock? Something is wrong with that!

    Honestly, I don't know the reason. The whole concept is so absurd that I had trouble putting it into words!
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    We can stay out way past 9.5 here....just don't forget to code out your full lunch and breaks. Then you'll hear about it the next morning. :wink:
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    Here they are happy if you are in under 12 hours these days. Yes, it's true . . . it's a gong show.
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    We are told to call in if we are going to be out past 11hours, if they can find help they will, if not we are given the ok to work up to 11.99 hours max and bring back anything leftover. I would love to just work less than 9 every day, more time for family
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    my center is about the same. if you are out for 11-12 hours def call for help!