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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ms. Brown, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Ms. Brown

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    It is my understanding that UPS drivers in driver release areas are supposed to attempt to deliver a package to a customer at least twice.

    Well, yesterday, this did not happen.

    I live on 4 acres of land and have a long driveway to my home.

    I received a package shipped via UPS. It was left on the street curb. Now, understand that this is a long way from my house, and that I have had many deliveries to my door in the past.

    Is there anyone I can talk to about this? I have a feeling this driver was in a hurry and just left it on the curb without ever trying to deliver to the door, because it would take a couple of minutes.

    I am a disgruntled customer. But, I have family that works for UPS, so I know this is not the way things should be done.

    Any advice?
  2. BCFan

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    But you DID get your package didn't you?:thumbup1:BC
  3. Ms. Brown

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    The problem is, that as a customer, I would not want to use UPS to ship my packages to somewhere else. I would not want to send a gift to a family member and think in my mind, "What happens if this gets left on the curb" and they don't receive it.

    Can someone please tell me the protocol for delivery and someone I can speak to within the company?
  4. OldUPSDriver

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    Call 1-800-pickups
  5. disneyworld

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    The protocol is to leave the package out of sight and out of weather. Ask your family members who work at UPS to get you a number.
  6. diesel96

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    Tell them your complaint...if it doesn't resolve call Atlanta Corperate and complain about his Mgr not being able to fix the problem.

    You see,the problem stems from "some" mngnt teams that glorify their "under-allow"drivers and turning their heads when complaints filing in such as yours.Shortcuts,rudeness,integrity,when these issue's are compromised by "under-allowed" and "swing" drivers they make the "by the book" and honest Drivers look bad.
    (No offense to honest under-allow and swing drivers with a good time study)
    Running an efficient "under-allowed" center,makes the mngmt's team look good.Equals=promotions and bonuses.
  7. hoser

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    how do you know the upser left it on the curb?

    if you didn't see the upser do this, there's no way to prove it.

    get over it? or how about using the common-sense approach?
  8. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    First,are you absolutely sure it was a ups pkg? Second ,was there some reason the driver could not safely get up to the house,dog,etc?
  9. beentheredonethat

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    UPS will make a second or if necessary a third delivery attempt to deliver a package. However, if we can deliver it on the first attempting by Driver releasing it to a safe area that is "Out of sight, Out of weather" then we will. You indicated you have a long driveway, under normal circumstance the driver would drive down the driveway and deliver it if the driveway is passable, as another poster said, can a UPS vehicle make it down your road, (Will it hit tree limbs, electrical wire etc, if it's winter time is it passable?) Is there a place to turn around, or will the driver have to back out the driveway? I've seen many times, the driver has called the customer from the number on box when this has occurred and told customer where the pkg is. If the driveway we are talking about is only 300 yards or so, then the driver should walk it. If we are talking about a 1 mile driveway, then that's a different story. Our goal is to get you the package as soon as possible. With the least risk of the package getting stolen or damaged. Without knowing more, I can't tell, if there was a better reason the driver did this or not. If based on this input, you think the driver did the right thing, great. If you think there was no reason he didn't bring it to your door, then call in a complaint by calling 1800 Pickups.
  10. SeniorGeek

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    I have had USPostalService leave packages at the road (and my driveway is long and the house is not visible from the road), but UPS has never done that.

    It is my understanding that packages eligible for DR (Driver Release) can be delivered to locations eligible for DR on the first delivery there is no need for a second attempt.

    Here are my suggestions:

    When you call 1-800-pickups, first get them to track the package. Ask what the DR location was. (This is selected from a list, so it is a limited piece of information - the list includes things like GARAGE, PORCH, BACK DOOR, MAN, WOMAN [for when it is handed to a person without getting a signature].)

    Next, ask to open a "concern" about the package. This prompts your local center to contact you to try to resolve the problem. (Most concerns are opened for missing/lost/damaged packages.)

    If you are adamant that the center prevent this from ever happening again, your address can be flagged as ineligible for DR. Many centers have never done this (because UPS's DR rules prevent most problems), so your center may not know this can be done.
  11. Channahon

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    Call this in to UPS and have the center respond to your concern.

    It may be a substitute driver in the area, or even a UPS management person delivered your package. Whoever delivered your package will be spoken to regarding your concern.
    The delivery person will be given the opportunity to explain why he/she did not use the proper method.

    In any event, the person did not follow the proper procedure of "out of sight", could have been picked up by anyone driving by or "out of weather" if rain would have occurred.

    And don't feel that UPS will no longer leave packages for you. You paid shipping charges for a delivery service to your door, and that did not happen.
  12. over9five

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    You got your package. Stop your crying. What kind of a miserable person (who GOT their package) goes online, finds a UPSers message board, and posts a message to find someone to complain to? It sounds to me like you get your jollies trying to get some poor truck driver in trouble.

    Wait a minute! You got me. Another troll got me goin'. Can't believe I fell for that again!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The driver left on the curb of your "long" driveway so you'll see it as you enter your premise. I see nothing wrong with that if its in a safe location. Maybe his truck couldn't make it up the driveway?? Overhanging trees?? Take a picture of the driveway and post it on this page.
  14. mittam

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    That would be good send us a picture so we can see the drive. I drive rural routes with some of the longest and worst lanes possible. I try to get back to the house and deliver to the door. There are unfotunate circumstances that prohibit it though. Low trees or power lines, too narrow or no turn around. It counts as an acident against us if we hit any of these and mark the truck, it also is an accident against us if we put ruts in a yard. Normally if I can't get back to the house I will walk off 50 steps and put package in a plastic bag where the customer can see it and not visible from the road.
  15. DS

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    Ms Brown...Do you realize this website has NO connection
    to ups other than us employees?Why is your name Brown?
    how come the number that follows it looks like package
    car number? Did you just get your first computer?
    Will you ever post here again?
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    Ms. Brown knows a lot about complaining in this earlier post:

    Ms. Brown
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    The "corporate hotline" AKA employee concerns hotline is indeed a reality. If you call, you will get an answer and steps will be taken to remedy your situation. Also remember that the first step in the EDR (Employee Dispute Resolution) process is "Open Door". If you're having a problem, speak with your manager or sup - they should be willing to listen.
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  18. over9five

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    Ms Brown, Why don't you call the "corporate hotline", as you advised others to do in that earlier post? Did you forget the number? "If you call, you will get an answer and steps will be taken to remedy your situation."

  19. Raw

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    You just recieved your package via our brand new " Curb Service " that we use just for customers such as yourself ! Enjoy !! :thumbup1:
  20. CFLBrown

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    Or better yet. Take your truck down their driveway and their unleashed dog comes out and almost attacks you because they are protecting their yard. DR bag tied to the fence. Enjoy!