Question about seniority and cover driving??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rhider, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Hi all... I was wondering about a new bid i got. I finished driving school last week and was told im not gonna begin driving until January. I see the center sending out all the newbie temp drivers now but im shelfed until after peak.(maybe a blessing in disguise)

    What im wondering is can i gain seniority during the "free months" of oct,nov,dec? In the NNE supplement a-57, s-4, h states emp hired for temp job openings 10/1-12/31 will not attain seniority. Well im not a temp, i work local sort now and have since may. The bid i got was a full time bid for cover driver. So the way i read the contract if i was out there driving now i should be able to get seniority in 30 day.

    now is the 30 driving days? what if i drive for a week then pulled back into local sort? does that week count or is it just "driving days"?

    Why am i shelfed while the center sends out temp drivers who have no rights and will be axed in dec? kinda kills the enthusiasm i have to drive, not to mention sitting on my class room training for 2 months before it is applied.

    Too boot, if i wait til january it puts me really close to the annual bid we do up here. 2nd week of feb all full time jobs are put up for bid. If i attain seniority before the bid is posted there is a chance i would be bumped to another center in the state, if i dont get senority until after the annual bid i will be able to stay at my center for at least a year.

    Should i push to get on the road now or sit back and let the temp take the abuse of peak?
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    Don't bust balls until AFTER you make your 30 days.
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    In our center peak season driving, regardless of full time or casual driver, doesn't count towards your 30 days, it may be differrent elsewhere. As for the fact that they are using casual drivers, that was agreed to in the last contract that drivers can be used from I think June through peak, and they can use them, before they hire another driver full time. That's why our casual drivers are often called scabs!
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    It is 30 driving days, has to be in a 90 day period, and november/dec do not count towards seniority regardless of whether you were brought up from inside or a street hire.

    you should check the daily reports to see how many folks were laid off the past day, perhaps that is why the center manager hasnt worked you yet.

    it took me about 10 weeks of on-off work to get my 30 days.. good luck