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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by fedxsux, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. fedxsux

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    I started purchasing stock April 06. I know there is a 2 year wait to sell. My question is. Can I sell everything come April 08? or is it only the stock for the 2nd quarter of 06 and I have to wait till July to sell the 3rd, etc
  2. rwsmith67

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    FEDEXSUX, Better think twice before you sell, the company is making drastic moves in the last two days to push the stock price up, i.e. increasing the buyback from 2 billion dollars to 10 billion, plus several other things, better do your homework before you sell!
  3. Channahon

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    You should also consult a tax advisor. I strongly recommend you do that, so there are "no surprise' tax consequences.
  4. kenco80233

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    I read something a while back,that said that you could sell stock in 2008 and not have to pay any capital gains tax.Has anyone heard anything like that?
  5. fedxsux

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    So, noone really answered my question. Will all of my stock be available or is a 2 year wait from each quarter.
  6. Kjjjmo

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    You can sell your shares 2 years after you purchased them regardless. Example bought in July 06 then you can seel by July 08. There are exceptions to that if you are going through hardship, Hope not. Hardship like Medical bills, fire destroys house etc.
  7. Z All

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    Each lot you purchase has a 2 year wait. Yes, you have to wait for each quarter's shares to pass the 2 year waiting period.