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  1. nicky

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    Are you required to send a message about not making 9.5 by a certain time of the day? We have to notify the center by 3pm, if we try after 3pm we get something to the effect of "you are required to notify us by 3pm, you are expected to make 9.5."

    If you send it in before 3, you usually get "what do you need help with to make 9.5" To which I almost always send back "pkg car to reach 88 miles per hour to initiate time travel"
  2. CustomerConcern

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    9.5 thats funny......we have to notify by 3 if we can't finish, but never get a response.
  3. nicky

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    Really, I rarely work more than 46 hours a week.
  4. Bristol Brown

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    I start at 0750 and usually finish about 1730.

    During peak I will do a bit of overtime and work till 1830 as that is part of the job and when it is quiet in the summer I try to get back for about 1655 as I like to enjoy the evening with my family,walk the dog,play golf and do the things that normal people do on a summer evening which isn`t delivering packages.
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    we are required to send stats in by 1400. If I them I am going to be over 9/5 i hear nothing back unless it's going to be my 3rd day,then a junior driver will meet me to take stops so they dont have to pay triple time
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    We are reqired to send an ETA by 2:30
  9. thesignman

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    They are using the ods messages to harass us here in the Great Plains District. We can not put up with that here or any where. Are we smarter than a fifth grader to not know that this is harassment. I thought technology could not be used for discipline. Been getting lots of derogatory comments, call the center, did you break down?, you should start at 10:30 if you are that slow, anybody else getting the same BS? I am calling the 800 number next time and going straight to HR. to compain about the hostile work environment. We have sups here that take PRIDE in digging and giving 30 year drivers warining letters. Very UNPROFFESSIONAL! THEY GOOTA GO WORK SOME WHERE ELSE.
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    YOU START AT 750AM? I would kill for that... we start at 845am and 9am It's funny that our managers whine about us getting back at 8pm...
  11. Bubblehead

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    My cellphone camera takes nice pictures of DIAD messages.
    I have found this helpful as the OMS office usually claims they have already deleted messages when I ask for a copy of a particular one sent.
    They will push you as far as you will let them.
  12. Bubblehead

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    That helps explain some of his other recent posts.
    Along with being from across the pond.
  13. dilligaf

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    We haven't done 'ETA's' since PAS was implemented (more than a year ago) and they could care less about our 9.5's. I do have to admit that our 9.5's have been cut drastically since PAS was implemented.
  14. faded jeans

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    Someone, somewhere always has it worse: For the last 2 1/2 years I have started at 10:45 - 11:00.
  15. Cementups

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  16. nicky

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    This is the truth, the company is going to get by with as much as they possibly can. We have gotten soooo many warning letters in our building that they are handed out like candy on Halloween. Read your contract, and stand up for yourself!
  17. UPSGUY72

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    The only time I send a message about when I'm going to get back to the building is to let them know that I'm not going to make the 8:00 pm Air trailer. Otherwise they know when I leave the building about what time I'm going to be back. They know how many stops I have completed and have left at any given time during the day.
  18. satellitedriver

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    We ETA everyday, and we have been on PAS/EDD for many years and are dispatched with ridiculous loads.
    My first week back, from disability, I only had 11hrs OT. They cut me some slack, by sending help taking off 1and1/2 hrs work three days that week.
    I would stay with this company, if I only had 9.5 days everyday.
    Just banking the change.

  19. govols019

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    I do the same thing. They are not going to hang their bad decisions around my neck.
  20. nicky

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    How are they getting around the 9.5 rules with all of you working stupidly long hours..... I guess I am spoiled with 9.5..... lol but my building files more grievances than any other building in the country. In fact our building filed almost as many grievances as the state of Georgia in 2009 I think it was... lol