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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by onthephone24/7, Apr 19, 2019.

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    So there have been several occasions where I will ask my stewart for advice and he just tells me to basically blow it off. Aka not able to file a 9.5 grievance for going over 9.5 3+ days when I'm on the same route all 5 days just because its not a bid route and its a split route. Im not the only one he basically tells to not file. I also know that he is very close with the sup's and seems to stick up for the sup's occasionally. Not sure if I should to continue to believe what he says or just file based off the contract. (also don't know what to do to get him out of his role IF he is with the sup's.
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  3. Box Ox

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    Tell your BA your steward isn’t doing his job.
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  4. Rack em

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    You have the right to file a grievance no matter what the worthless steward says. If you are violated, FILE!
  5. Why do they always have a guy named Stewart? Gotta be plants. “Oh he’s Stewart” okay yeah sure. The reason why they give them all the same name is so management doesn’t get confused when telling you to ask him.
  6. He’s probably saving leverage. Stewards are basically the middle man between you and the union, you get the first one for free, if he tells you to leave it be he probably knows something you don’t. Just chill and it will happen.
  7. Indecisi0n

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    Blow it off and see what happens .
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    I have seen similar situations before, heck even it happened to me a couple of times, ill come mad at everything and ask him to file for 9.5 and he will just nod and do nothing, later on i realized how much of a runner i was and how many corners i was cutting so he was just no filing for my own good.

    Now im proud to say that it feels good when the newbs come and praise how management dont :censored2: me with like they used to.
  9. Rack em

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    Horrible advice, no offense. If you are on the 9.5 list and get violated then there is no reason not to file.
  10. Thats true, but I can’t see how every steward is honorable in their positions.
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    You can tell which stewards are brown nosing only sticking up for themselves scum and which ones dont give a :censored2: what management thinks. Theres one guy I know for a fact will have your back. And there's a chick that is fake as all hell. I dont trust her for :censored2:. Not even to spot me out.
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  12. MarvelousMunata

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  13. Whatbrownwontdoforyou

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    Did you ever think that the steward isn’t filing 9.5 for you because he thinks your on the phone 24/7 while at work and may put a spotlight on you your not ready to handle?
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  14. BigBrown87

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    Maybe go to another steward and have he or she file your 9.5 grievance? We have multiple stewards and this can happen in our center, always file you do not need a steward to file a grievance for you just do it and file it and let the BA handle it bypass this steward if this is the case. But if you file you need to be by the book and make sure you put down penalty pay on the grievance form so you get the triple time that you are entitled to. I would say report him to your BA but easier to bypass and not cause a issue if you can by all means necessary.
  15. Jkloc420

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    i enjoy it when you get home 2night
  16. 8000Shelf

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    Putting a spotlight on you is against the contract as well, is it not?
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  17. ski or die

    ski or die Ski or Die

    You don't have to use the steward in your center. Your can use anyone you choose. Before I retired, I was a steward in our building and was requested by employees in feeders, delivery drivers, maintenance, hub, and clerical. Even sent to other buildings in our city. Reason being just as in your case, some stewards work with management to make things easier on themselves. When I first became a steward, management brought me into the office and told me if I work with them, things would be much easier for me, if not - they would make it very difficult. I was voted in because my fellow employees knew I was honest and would not sell out. I would check around your building with other employees and find out who they recommend that will properly represent you. Grievances are time sensitive so hop to it.
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  18. Whatbrownwontdoforyou

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    True.....but if someone is caught cheating it would be a short retaliation you feel that someone is being retaliated against if they get caught signing for packages,stealing time or falsifying nda?
  19. BakerMayfield2018

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    Very good information for our members. I’ve had to do this many years back. Sometimes it is what it is. People’s feelings be damned. You need someone in there with you who is on your side.
  20. zero

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    write the grievance up and tell him to sign it. If he dont hes not representing you