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  1. NedFlanders

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    This has come up a few times so i must ask about it.

    Instead of putting return tags in the packages qvc has been putting a little label with thier address and the customers at the top of it. Customers have been taping this little label over top of the "ship to" part of the original ups label. thus, reusing the same barcode. Is this pkg now valid to be shipped back to qvc? my guess is no.

    another similar question. is it possible to just alter the "ship to" part of a ups label to have it shipped somewhere else, using the same barcode in an attempt to get it shipped for free.
  2. Zigzag99

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    If a pkg has been opened, Shipper needs to issue call tag or ARS to customer. A tracking number is used for one shipment. A pkg that is not opened can be RTSd with the same tracking num but it can not be used as a return. Explain to customer that they need one of the above ARS RS call tag. If they tell you that you are wrong and they will, explain that if you take the pkg it will end up back at there house the next day.
  3. scratch

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    Ned, your guess is correct, the answer is no. This is a "you pay to ship it back Return Label". That means the customer can use this label to return it, but they need to pay us or some other carrier to ship it back. They usually just simply don't understand what this label is for. It is not a prepaid return shipping label. I politely tell them that once a package gets opened, then someone has to pay to ship it back. I bet they don't go to work for free, and neither do we. Unless the package is refused at delivery, then it needs a different barcode on it to move through our system.
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    I get a lot of these at my Pak Mail. I'm guessing that Pak Mail loves when these people come in with their non-labels.
  5. mattwtrs

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    3 or 4 years ago UPS changed their tariff that returns to the shipper were no longer free! If you get either of the above situations simply give it to your pm clerk who will put a rts label on it & the original shipper is billed for the return.

    If the package has been opened make sure all the original contents are in the package by checking the packing list or checking the weight on the original tracking number information. There is no need to hassle the customer about a call tag or RS tag.

    Make sure to record the package in your diad as refused and make sure the clerk tapes it up & records it as a refused pkg when he RTS's it.
  6. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    I was taught that if it has been opened by the customer, they pay to ship it back. The only time we take it is if it hasn't been opened. I'm not taking a chance with opened pkgs on my truck. It's easy to accuse someone of pilfering if they are riding around with open pkgs in the truck.
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    You could try to just change the "ship to" address but with the new system, wouldn't the pal label keep sending it right back to you? After all, that tracking number is assigned to your package with your address. Until a clerk changes the info in the system, I would think that is what would happen. Same thing happens with a "refused" pkg you turn in but doesn't get processed, you get it right back in your load the next day.

    We had a 120 pound damaged pkg picked up on a damage call tag. The tracking number on the call tag is the same as the pkg. Being at a satelite ctr, the driver could not personally give the pkg to the clerk and apparently the evening OMS responsible for pulling our exceptions off the trailer and giving them to the clerk didn't want to touch this thing or couldn't ever get any help with it. In any event, this pkg kept going through the sort everyday and getting palled right back to the stop we picked it up from. And everyday it looked a little worse than the day before. This went on for 2 weeks until it finally just quit showing up! We were getting tired of moving it !
  8. NedFlanders

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    i dunno about this. even days after the initial delivery? Say a customer opens the package and its the wrong item and they order the right one. ups is then gonna eat the cost to ship it back by later recording it as refused?
  9. scratch

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    I would never pick up a package that has been opened and tape it up and send it back as "refused". There is no telling what the consignee took out of it. The only exception would be if the original consignee had moved and you are picking it up to send back.
  10. stevetheupsguy

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    Or put in, for that matter.:anxious:
  11. drewed

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    Is there really any knowledge of that anyway? sure i can come up with a invoice and put a phoney description on the package...
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The answer is no as they are not paying for the shipping. I get these every once in a while both in the drop box that I pickup and at MBE. The drop box pkgs are returned to the consignee while the pkgs at MBE are either left there and they call the customer or I bring them back to center and we RTS. To be fair, most customers don't know the difference and think they are doing what they are supposed to but we all know that some of them do know the difference and are simply trying to get somethin' for nothin'. When I RTS and explain the procedure most understand but there are always those few who do not and begin to argue which is when I simply hand them the pkg and go on my way as it is not worth the argument.
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    I, constantly have this problem with Office Depot. They never check the QVC drop offs, probably due to the fact that UPS pays them .86 cents per drop off.
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    Wow, .86 cents, I can't believe the OD on my route is going out of business. That was my best impersonation of upstate, no offense Dave. Did I do a good job?
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    Upstate, didnt we have a thread about your signature? Does anyone remember how it turned out?
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    My signature is just a little jab at my good friend Red. Check out his signature jab at me. As for the grievance, I couldn't care less how it turned out.