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  1. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Last week ups informed us package car drivers that we are no longer allowed to have radio's. Is this only in my area (Chicago) or is this happening across the country?

    The contract is clear that we are allowed to have a radio.
  2. cino321

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    We're allowed to have transmitter radios, but it's not supposed to be wired to the truck. That rule isn't really enforced, most guys have them wired up to the battery or fuse box.

    NHDRVR New Member

    as long as they are not hard wired into the vehicle we are okay
  4. trouble maker

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    Management no longer wants radios that are wired into the cars. You can still have a portable that is battery operated. The newer package cars have a separate hook-up (hot& ground) that is designated for a radio.They want them pulled out of the older cars where they might be wired in.:sad-very:
  5. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    We were told that they cannot be in the cab and must be in the back of the truck secured to a shelf. For decades we have strapped radios in our cabs and have also wired them to the truck, either with alligator clips, or cigarette lighters.

    The grievance has already been filed. Nothing like lowering our moral a little more. This was a corporate pcm, yet Chicago appears to have added to it.
  6. tourists24

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    Same thing happened here a few months ago. We had a few accidents back to back to back to back.... They blamed the radio as a distraction and said they had to be in back. They have since backed off as long as it is a small radio, secured, and battery run it seems to be ok.

    The grievance is filed so you have covered that base. Hopefully after a little time they will back off. After the fires caused by hot wiring, Im sure someone caught some "heat" and this was the answer.
  7. Dizzee

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    We were told the same thing last year. Supposedly, an unknown driver in an unknown state had a giant boom box strapped on top of the dash and hit a pedestrian because his vision was obstructed.

    I asked, "How can you hear a radio if it's in the back of the truck"? Safety Sheriff just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Turn it up louder".

    I have a small battery operated radio that I set on the dash (after I leave the building).
  8. over9five

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    The simple answer to the fire thing is to have the mechanics install fused radio hook-ups. Just like there are in every UPS tractor.

    As for the "distraction" factor, it is no more distracting than the rear view monitor (especially at night when it is DANGEROUSLY distracting).

    I think Red made the point, "Nothing like lowering our moral a little more", and I believe that is the real issue.

    As long as that radio is SECURED in the cab so as not to become a projectile in an accident, it should not be an issue at all.
  9. tae111

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    It would seem like a no brainer to just to have a radio installed at the factory when the truck is made. I'm pretty sure Mack, Sterling, and International include a AM-FM radio as standerd equipment on their tractors. UPS either has them removed or not installed in the build.
  10. tae111

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    I don't know if package cars or that type of truck comes with a radio as standered equipment. I know if you rent a truck like that they have radios in them.
  11. TheDick

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    I think A/C is an option too at the factory.
    UPS leaves certain things out on purpose. A driver complained about the rear door rail to get in an out of the bigger pkg cars. You know the ones with roll-up doors. He didnt have a rail but he didnt have a roll-up door either. so he filed for that. The automotive District mgr' answer was to uninstall all rails. OOPS.
  12. dei8

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    I have read this topic so many times, but what I dont understand is why drivers have to have a radio in the truck. As a split driver, the only times I listen to the radio, if its on the truck, is on lunch. Other than that its pointless. You are in and out of the truck so often, whats the point. I guess for drivers in rural areas it makes sense, but otherwise who cares. I remember before I started working at UPS, my hometown driver would crank his radio so loud you could hear him coming over the noise of his truck. I thought is was really unprofessional.


    I am sure mngmnt's thinking is 'If you do not have a radio to listen to you will put all of your concentration into being more productive gotta find someway to increase the SPOHR's which is why I have an ipod so I can listen to music while I am out of the truck too but only one ear has an earbud the other is draped over my other ear have to follow those rules
  14. 8andout

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    fire in florida destroyed 3 package cars in the building. it was blamed on a power inverter for a radio overheating. we [automotive] were sent word to audit and remove all driver installed radios in package cars unless they were used for feeder runs. I personally will not remove any, not getting myself in the middle of it.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Drive for 10 more years and you will realize why a radio is not a bad thing. Do you drive home from UPS and just listen to the fan blow cool air at you? NO. It's a personal preference and helps break up the monotonous routine most drivers face driving the same route every single day. If you don't need one. Fine. Others do and that's why it is in the master contract.
  16. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    But the fire in Florida was a result in the radio being hooked up continuous with no fuse. If this radio had a fuse the fuse would have blown and not started this fire. So now everyone must suffer until this grievance gets resolved.

    Crap last year they told us we could not wear Santa hats, now with telematics it will be impossible to do 300 plus stops a day and now no radio (for the time being). What a great place to work! NOT

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    I have a small battery one on my dash. I sometimes like to listen to it, sometimes I don't. But it is in the contract. We haven't had anything here about it. If they do say anything, I'm still leaving it where it's at. Let them take me to a hearing for it and explain how I can't have it when its clearly in the contract. This isn't even one that can be elaborated on. It's a clear winner.

    Article 18: section 8-Transistor radios will be allowed in package cars.PERIOD!

    Cracks me up. Just like cell phones are so dangerous to talk on and drive yet people since the 70's have been doing it with C.B. radios. It's like UPS going to feeder drivers and saying no more C.B.'s.

    Why do they pick on package car drivers so much? Only reason I can think of.:devil3:
  18. over9five

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    But to play Devils Advocate, it doesn't say the radio is allowed in the cab of the package car....
  19. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Do not refuse to work as directed by refusing to remove it if told to. Just because its clear does not mean that we have the right to refuse to remove it. You will lose your job over it.

    And this is were the past practice comes into play. How many ojs/safety rides have the drivers been put through by management all with the radio in the cab?

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Your right red. They would fire me for insubordnation. My point was though this is a clear winner. This is like them saying instead of .35C raise, your only getting .10C Just can't do it because they want to.