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    There isn't much rail traffic where I live but I've been through other towns and seen trains passing through carrying a crap load of UPS Pups on them. I've never seen a UPS with a rail yard. I'm just curious about how the UPS rail system works. Do any of those trailers have packages on them? I was driving through Springfield, Tenn a while back and saw a train with UPS trailers on it and was wondering where it came from and where it might be going. I believe it was headed northwest. Anyone deal with this?
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    UPS does a tremendous amount of rail movements. These loads are called TOFCs.(Trailers On Flat Cars) The Chicago Area Consolidation Hub(CACH) has a rail yard ajacent to it strictly for UPS rail movements. These rail movements go all over the country.

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    How is the rails handled as far as labor is concerned? Does UPS have it's own trains? Or is out contracted out with other rail companys?
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    UPS is a customer of the railroads. There are many hubs with adjacent railyards or ones very close.

    I think I once read that 1 in 5 trailers on a flat car (TOFC) are UPS movements.
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    UPS and the USPS are the railroads largest customers. My guess is that UPS spends about $1.5B with them every year...

    Go UPS!