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    So I've been with the company for 4 years now as a clerk and whatever other position they want me to play and I've heard alot of stories of how the company USE to be way back when.

    For example, the guy I work with processing smart post, he's been around for about 25 years or maybe a little more and he and another co worker told me this morning about how every year around this time the company use to give out turkeys to employees and the bonuses they use to pay out as well. 500 for PTers and 1,000 for drivers.

    When stocks were 13 bucks a pop and the thrift plan. I asked do you think things changed when the company went public and couldn't get a direct answer. But so far from what I've learned I should have starred this job about 20 years earlier.

    But on another random note. Exactly what are PDs when referring to load/unload doors? And also what's a satellite route?
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    I miss my turkey.
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    Stock was never $13/share. It IPO'd at around $20, shot up to around $80 and has traded in the $65-80 range ever since. The Thrift Plan was the precursor to the 401k. You could set aside up to $6/week--it was not uncommon for retirees to have balances in excess of $100K. The bonuses you speak of were a one-time thing given after a contract had been ratified. (1982?) The company has changed dramatically--had you started 20 years ago you would not recognize what the company has become.

    I don't know what PD stands for.

    A satellite route is one where the driver does not work out of the center. The packages for his area are brought to him, usually in a TP-60. He loads his own car, delivers his area, makes his pickups and brings the pickup pieces and any lookups back to the trailer so that they can be brought back to the center. UPS makes arrangements with a local business to park the package car there overnight.
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    Geez, as much as I love the company, even with all the BS I see/deal with daily. It seems like it may not be worth it in the long run if I stay where I'm at. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but now with the current contract, with 401k the company no longer matches what you contribute right?

    I said I wanted to use what I'm in school for (IT) to move up within the company but I'm starting to think more and more that I need to look elsewhere when that time comes.
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    The company never matched our 401k contributions on the hourly side.

    If I were you I would use UPS to gain experience in your field and then look elsewhere.
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    When did they stop giving out turkeys?
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    The first stock I bought was 27 a share and hit about 51 before the IPO. It split before the IPO so my original shares were 13.50 when the stock hit the open market at 70 something. Not bad. Been pretty much breaking even ever since. My Thrift Plan was converted to stock. I got 28 shares. Don't recall if I ever got the bonus.
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    Damn. I could of swore they did. Basically the only reason I stayed enrolled after they shadily auto enrolled me after going FT. Got a letter explaining it was for my convenience. The real kicker, well apparently for me at least, is that my pension is crap. When I first got hired I still lived at home. So for the longest all my UPS mail went to my parents. My father had got to looking at something they sent, and asked why our pension was so low. My response was "they match our 401k contributions". He had said that made sense, and that was all that was said. He's a retired member of the local painters union. Don't recall the numbers exactly, but do recall my pension in something like less than half of his in 2010, monthly. So if I retire after 25 years, in 2037, my pension is going to be say half of what my father is getting in current day. Needless to say that has me a tad worried. [h=3][/h]
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    Keep in mind that a raise is far superior to a bonus. A raise is like getting a bonus every year from then on.
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    Sadly many people can't think beyond their next paycheck.
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    Prob about 3 years ago. For a couple years they started to give us the option to keep it or donate to a local food shelter. When most of the employees started just donating them they stopped offering them at all.
    I always thought it was dumb that they gave them out at Christmas since most people eat turkey at, oh I don't know......Thanksgiving!!

    I've worked for UPS for 19 years and the annual "bonuses" were done before then. I've heard stories about it as well but never got any myself.
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    I do make a mean turkey on the grill but if I get a turkey or not from UPS is meaningless. With the right deal I can get one from the local store for 5 bucks.
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    We get a free turkey from our local Ingle's grocery store for spending so much money there. It was a nice tradition from UPS though, I still have a bunch of UPS turkey boxes in my basement that I store things in.