rca srv vac rte and rca srv reg rte whats the difference?

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    usps theres to positions there hiring for rural carrier associate srv vac rte and rural carrier associate srv reg rte whats the difference?
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    Service vacation route?
    Service regular route?
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    I'm pretty sure there is no one here from the USPS.
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    Good thing you are asking this question on a United Parcel Service UPS site instead of a United States Postal Service USPS site because who knows what kind of inaccurate information those postal employees might give you.
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    Go to federal soup . com that's where the postal employees have theirs forum.
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    One you just cover vacations primarily for people who provide their own vehicle on rural routes which you would have to provide your own. The other you're a part time fill in for rural routes. You get no hours basically for both. You're better off going for a City Carrier assistant position.