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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by faded jeans, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. faded jeans

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    Middle of the afternoon today all drivers get this message: Remember to pick up your call tags. Well at first I think there is a stack of call tags left somewhere for me to retrieve. Then I realize they are actually telling us to work our call tags. How stupid is that; it's part of the job. It's understood that we are to work our call tags. Why not also send this message: Remember to deliver your packages. Idiots. :angry:
  2. brownman15

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    get that same message everyday too
  3. worldwide

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    "How stupid is that; it's part of the job. "

    That's true. But the sad part is the reason for the message. NOT everyone is doing their job as you are--enough miss their call tags to warrant the message.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    That was implied. :wink2:

    As worldwide said, the sad thing is that there was a need to broadcast the message.

    By the way...ever had kids?
  5. scratch

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    A Call Tag or RS Tag is considered a package, a customer paid us to pick it up. Everytime I get on a different Package Car, it seems I find these things laying around that are outdated and have no attempts written on them. They are in EDD where I am at, I can't understand why nothing is ever done about this.
  6. Bubblehead

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    There's the problem!
    Read the previous posts and you can see who are management personnel.
    Read their responses and it's painfully obvious the flaw in their logic and tactics.
    The perception of guilt by association destroys the morale of the employees that are doing right.
    Treat a person like a moron they may just become a moron.
    Managers do your job and identify the slackers and deal with them individually. Stop taking the easy way out.
    In my center the flavor of the week is send agains. Instead of doing a little investigative work and identifying the avoidable send agains, we were all required to reattempt all send agains a second time. The first night I spent and hour and ten minutes on this quest. Eliminated 4 packages in the process at a cost of about $60 in my labor alone. Probably more than the amount of money spent to ship. Brilliant!!
  7. DS

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    Why not just send it to the ones that dont?
  8. brownman15

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    ding ding we have a winner
  9. brownman15

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    we also receive a message to be sure and remove your group 2(clerk) pkgs
  10. Monkey Butt

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    That's very valid point.

    It is easy to forget about Call tags.
    Reminding someone to do something may be irritating but it does not mean one is a moron or that there is any guilt.
    Do you get :censored2: off at your mom when she tells you to drive safe?
  11. Bubblehead

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    I get mad at anybody who treats me like my mom did when I was 12.
    I get irritated when somebody tells me the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over.
    Do you get the point? Do you get the point? Do you get the point? Do you get the point?
  12. Monkey Butt

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    OK..I get your point! Now I'm POed!

    Tell you Mom your sorry for yelling at her.
  13. brownman15

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    i am telling your mom lol
  14. DS

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    No but it gets really irritating to get stupid messages all day long telling us how to do our job.You are in the middle of a multi piece cod delivery and you get the message,we will be reprimanding drivers that fail to take all clerical pkgs from thier car,or,when lifting a pkg,test the weight first,or,if you have a pkg for 12345 sensesworkingovertime St,with tr # the center asap,or,NO driver is to work over 9.5,or, I get an oncall for 300 pkgs at a bicycle factory in my P57,I could go on hoak,maybe they should just do a mass page saying,Do everything right,we are watching you.
    Really though the call tags and RS labels are all in the system,all they have to do is dispatch them as oncalls with the amendment,RS label is at the center,and include the tr# in case the cust needs them.
  15. Bubblehead

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    Can I call you dad now? (name that movie)
  16. tiegirl

    tiegirl tiegirl

    We are big bad UPS with the latest, greatest technology. Just check CRIS an antiquated DOS system. Why can't the drivers who miss the packages get sent the message? Why does everyone have to be included to be brought down to the level of the weakest link. Get rid of that weak link and bring in a new guy. Are we that f......................stupid?

  17. 29th Christmas

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    i'm stepping down from the soapbox now
  18. DS

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    I love it when mngmt comes in here and bitches,and even insinuate the f word.Tiegirl,upper mngmt actually believes that the best way to improve things is to enforce by intimidation,even though only a small percentage of people are making mistakes.
    We had a driver yesterday that told his sup AND the preload sup,that he could not possibly do this new area without help.He is the hardest worker in our center,He brought back 30 missed and HE got hell!!! i
    we are f...................for sure
  19. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I do forget call tags and DFU's if I leave them in the cab. I put them in sequence in the load.
  20. nobber

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    The center I am in, the oms only sends reminders about call tags and DFU's to the drivers that have them that day. The reason they do it here in my district is because somebody somewhere kept missing them on a regular basis. so now its part of the oms job to send the messages. They have a check off list of all the things they have to do and must fill it out daily.