Recycling programs in UPS facilities

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  1. dunderchief

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    I might be interested in approaching management in our hub to begin some sort of plastics and aluminum recycling program. The amount of waste generated by drink containers alone is unbelievable!

    I am curious if any other large facilities have a successful recycling program. Any specifics would help, such as who collects the waste, how many receptacles, etc. I also would love to hear from those who live in states that require deposits on plastic containers (I believe MI and CA are two) on any impact that regulation has on drink containers at your UPS facility.

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    You should try recycling on the packing peanuts that have been crushed out of the parcels. We probably have a small mountain of them after each sort is finished.
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    Recycling efforts are non-existent in my center except for the janitor who make a ton of money with all the recyclables he racks in. I wish UPS would make the effort also, but most of the drivers just don't care. Sad.
  4. mnmoe

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    In Our New Hub They Say Its To Much Money 2 Do It
  5. satellitedriver

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    When I worked out of the center, I use to dumpster dive.
    You can make alot of useful things from what the mechanics throw away.
    I do metalwork and have repaired runners on bushhog mowers with old springs from UPS pkg cars.
    Made a few tomahawks, knives and ornamental birdbaths.
    Repaired tractors and trailers from what is called scrap iron.
    I even have a bent bumper from a an old P5 behind the barn. I have never decided what to make out of it, but I will do something with it.
    I do not know if what I do is recycling. I only can see something being thrown away into a landfill that could be put to a use.
    "Poorboys have poorboy ways"
    I think now, they sell the old iron to scrap yards.
  6. SmithBarney

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    UPS is about saving money not saving the environment.
    Our mechanic used to take all kinds of stuff that he was "instructed"
    to throw away..
    Broken aluminum hand carts, brake drums, discs, etc make good money
    in the scrap yard...
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    Ok.this is gross..Im saying it up front....

    Some of the drivers DO recycle.. they reuse empty drink containers......

    Well, lets just say Im glad most of them have the good sense not to leave it on the package car for the preloader to discover.
  8. dillweed

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    I also noticed the mountain of recyclables at our center. Asked the union rep one day about it and he said they tried it years ago but people were using the recycle cans as trash containers and it just got to be a garbage mess.
  9. local804

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    Most building in the NY area have blue trash cans for recycled goods and red ones for metal(feeder seals ect) There are alot of cafeterias with bottle and can refund machines which refunds you your service charge. Not only do we have the winningest team in sport in NY but looks like we are ahead of most in the care for our future too.
  10. dillweed

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    804 - it's great to hear of a center with such teamwork! Keep it up :thumbup1:
  11. Our States hubs have blue rectangular cans with green covers with two round holes for recycling cans but nothing for the overly increasing amount of plastic bottles. Also was told the money from the recycled cans goes to the United Way. Here's a good link about plastic bottles, one point of article is the use of petroleum to make the bottles.
  12. 8up

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    okay, here we are five years later. we have this huge sustainability thing going on and in our facility i watch the cleaning crew dump the blue recycling cans into the same container for the other trash. so all the plastics, aluminum and tons of paper reports that were intended to be separated all ended up going into the dumpster that ends up in the landfill. after talking to the p.e. folks, we have no recycling program, but we do have the blue containers with the recycle logo on them, so i guess it looks like we are working on sustainability. is this going on else where?
  13. over9five

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    Wow, that's just scummy.
  14. TearsInRain

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  15. Jigawatts

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    You want UPS employees to throw recyclable materials into some sort of recepticle. Haha, good luck with that. Most people can't even take the time to throw garbage away.
  16. over9five

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    Which bin do the pee bottles go in???
  17. Jigawatts

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    Just set them in the designated break area next to the moldy pizza boxes.
  18. ORLY!?!

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    Wtf is recycling?

    This company is worst at all things, why not this as well?

    Why are we even on this forum, I forget.....!
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am in the process of expanding the recycling program in my center. Our local trash hauler has a Zero Sort program but up until now we have only used it for cardboard. We are expanding it to include paper, plastics and paperboard products. We purchased 10 small recycling bins which will be put next to each of the trash cans throughout the facility. Each bin will have a sign indicating what can be put in them. We have two dumpsters dedicated to Zero Sort----these are both normally full of cardboard so our custodians will hold the recyclables until the dumpsters are emptied and then dump them in. The key will be separating the recyclables from the trash before it makes it to the dumpsters and early indicators are that it will be about one large trash can per day of recyclable material.

    As you can imagine the toughest part thus far has been the education process and trying to change the mindset among the hourlies and management. I asked our OMS clerk to make copies of the Zero Sort "cheat sheet" for every driver and manager----these show what can and cannot be recycled. There has also been resistance from the custodial staff----I have put the bins by the trash cans only to come off road and found that the custodians have gone back to the old set-up. I also heard that rather than wait for the Zero Sort dumpsters to be emptied they simply threw the recycled material in to the trash dumpster. It will take some time and perhaps a bit of bribing (gift cards?) to get them on board. I find myself doing a lot of "dumpster diving" when I get off road trying to separate the recyclables from the trash and have had to endure snide comments from co-workers but in the end I know that the program will be a success and I will feel better knowing that I kept a small portion of recyclable material out of the landfill. Most of us recycle at home----why is recycling in the workplace any different?

    What efforts, if any, does your center/hub put toward recycling?

    (On a side note, rather than start a new thread, I "recycled" this one)
  20. Wally

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    Split drivers just leave all garbage on the dash. Banana peels, all kind of wrappers, and chaw spit too. What slobs.

    You guys don't do call tags. Can't you at least pick up your trash?