Red Lights?!?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mojobuc, Jul 13, 2005.

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    since you guys and gals spend most of your day on the road, was wondering if any of you could tell me,when did the law pass that a yellow traffic light meant to speed up, and that 2,3,4 even 5 cars(NEVER seen a UPS vehicle do it) are allowed to pass through the red light?

    Or is it just a Florida law?

    Are they teaching this in drivers ed. as well as the bingo halls and work cafaterias?
    I missed the classes, and was wondering where I could find a refresher drivers ed class.
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    It's a Florida Law. I moved to Florida and couldn't believe how many run red lights. I was sitting in traffic one day and there were 2 motorcycle cops sitting at a light ready to proceed. 3 cars ran the red light. I thought OK somebody is getting busted. Do you think TPD did anything? Not on your life. I like Jeb Bush but the worst thing he could have done was not sign the law regarding driving in the left lane. He said that he shouldn't punish people so speeders could pass them. Jeb needs to see what life is like here in FL when you don't have a motorcade. I'm so sick of people doing 50 MPH in the left lane talking on their cell phone in a 70 MPH zone. OK I'm at peace now [​IMG]
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    old folks that can't see the dang light.
  4. mojobuc

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    not always tie, a lot of younger drivers, middle aged and old down here that run the light.
    It's sad, seems everyone thinks they are more important then the next guy, and they have a 'right' to run it.
    I love being the guy at the green light, cause as soon as it tunrs green, no 3 second count here, I begin to go. BUT I do use the l-r-l as the other light is turning yellow, just to make sure no schmoo is going to run it. IF I see they are, make sure they see/hear me and try to scare them, even though most don't care.
  5. traveler

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    The law passes the same day Jeb vetoed the left lane bill. [​IMG] Red lights are now just a suggestion!


    You're 100% on the mark here.


    It's not the old folks, it's virtually everyone.
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    I think red lights are the most dangerous part of the day. I had a semi whiz through one today as I was in the right lane waiting for it to change. Sure glad for me that I wasnt in that lane, as he may not have seen me either. I looked up to see if I had been doing what other idiots do all day (daydream at the stop light) but NOPE it was bright red. Everybody is mr/mrs important, especially the ones who actually have no reason to think they are. Or any purpose on the earth. When they kill someone, or sit a while in jail, they may have time to think about it. Ill take the old people over the kids any day. At least they try, and usually just go slow.
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    After sitting through a red light three times yesterday, watching only two cars able to turn at a time, ( not because of heavy traffic, but because the light was so short) I pushed my way through as car number four when I eventually got my chance to go; and I didn't feel bad about it.
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    That's one of the problems out there. Another is that in many instances if you stop at one red light you will then catch ALL the red lights on that road. Can anyone spell computer co-ordination?

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    red lights timed for 35 MPH are also timed for 70 MPH. .......solution = SPEED UP!!