Reg/Temp Screwups

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    I just thought you guys would get some laughs (or fear) out of this.

    I made the bid sheet for reg/temp last week. My only experience with stick shifts were in tractors floating gears 3 years ago. My driver test was for tomorrow, but I told the on-car supe I need to practice first since I never really used a clutch. He said cool, grab an 800, and drive it around the lot. I just wanted to get used to shifting again.

    I start, I'm doing okay. The center manager hops on, then I'm scared to hell, my PT supe is encouraging me with the ol' point and laugh bit, and here were my screw-ups. No seat belt, parking brake still on (pretty bad eh?) so he tells me drive around. I'm thinking to myself I'm pretty boned now! I didn't grind the gears, started from a hill without drifting, and backed to a dock fine, so I'm feeling pretty confident, but forgot the damn horn. He asked me what was the 3rd 10 point commentary was, so of course I respond with the ever classic "umm...what?".

    Does anyone have a decent way to learn these things? They're mostly common sense, but word-for-word is a pain.
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    I'm here 21 years and still forget sometimes. Take the list by numbers 1 car length when stopped in traffic. 2 look left right left(both ways) at intersections etc. Good Luck:happy2:
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    I had a hard time memorizing the 5 seeing habit an ten point commentary. best thing to do is review them daily.
    this helps with 5 seeing habits

    all aim high in steering
    good get the big picture
    kids keep your eyes moving
    love leave yourself an out
    milk make sure they see you
  4. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Saftey starting at intersections
    Will when stopped
    continue count 3 2 1
    for four -six seconds under 30 , six-eight seconds above 30
    every eight-twelve seconds eye lead time
    stop scan steering wheels
    someone stale green lights
    employs eye contact
    proper pulling from curb
    methods mirrors and guages